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The dangerous world of Bloodborne isn’t for the faint of heart, and the horror that lurks within Yharnam is ready to tear you up at a moment’s notice. Check out these Tips and Tricks below, and add your own to the page using the Edit button up top!

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  • Guns generally do weak amounts of damage, but are great for interrupting and staggering an enemy who is about to attack. If your timing is right and you hear a loud chime, you can often follow up with R1 for a Visceral Attack. Weapons like the Hunter’s Blunderbuss take longer to fire, but the sheer power behind it will often stagger an opponent. While other weapons like the Hunter’s Pistol don’t have as much stopping power, their quick drawing capabilities, let you react sooner to interrupt an attack.
  • Sneaking up on certain enemies is another way to trigger a visceral attack. To do so walk slowly up to an enemy from behind then hit them with a fully charged R2 attack. Usually they will be staggered and a loud chime will sound – hitting R1 shortly thereafter will trigger a devastating visceral attack. This can also be done in full combat though it is difficult to pull off.
  • You can use Molotov Cocktails to greater effect by first dousing the target with Oil Jars. Any fire based damage will increase dramatically once they are soaked.
  • When you take damage from an enemy you can attack before the designated amount of health on your HP bar is actually lost (indicated by an orange bar). This actually works even after an enemy is “killed”. As they fall to their knees, keep striking the enemy to recover lost HP until they collapse onto the ground.
  • When facing a new enemy, don’t just rush in swinging. Figure out what their different attacks are (speed, reach, downtime) and look for the best ways to counter attack. Often if you are patient and bait their attacks, you can find out which of their attacks leave them open to a counter attack, or which attacks you can interrupt with a firearm.
  • If you have a long range to your weapon – make use of it! Press forward and R2 at the same time to do a jumping slash that will often boast both long range and great damage with big weapons. Against single slow enemies like Ogres, you can keep them from getting anywhere near you.
  • Don’t stop picking up Quicksilver Bullets and Blood Vials just because you have 20 of each. Any additional pickups go straight to your storage in the Hunter’s Dream. Not only can you retrieve these at any time, but any blood or bullets you’ve used up before getting killed will be replenished from your storage when you revive at a lantern.
  • Similarly, If you’re finding more Blood Vials than you need, you can give yourself an extra 5 bullets by pressing up on the D Pad. This will be at the cost of health, so make sure you have plenty of Blood Vials to spare.
  • Writing notes for other players in your Journal does more than point others in the right direction. Anyone can rate a message “Fair” or “Foul” depending on how helpful the message is. If someone rates your message “Fair” You will receive a health replenishment wherever you are in the game. This can be extremely helpful in boss fights or in tight situations – so go out there and make some helpful notes, and rate the good ones!]
  • Don’t neglect investing points in Endurance and Vitality. Both of these stats are vital to surviving enemy attacks either through continual movement or being able to withstand some punishment.
  • The game seems to spawn more challenging enemies based on the number of insight the player has. At 15 insight certain enemies begin to develop new attacks and status effects on hit. Spending insight (use of beckoning bell, insight shops at hunter’s dream) can lower the “difficulty.”
  • Bloodborne has many shortcuts and hidden paths that make running back to a given boss take mere seconds. Always be on the lookout for paths to explore, levers to pull and secret places to drop down to.
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