Titans Debuts Another Memorable DC Hero

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

It’s an even-numbered episode of Titans, which means it’s time for the series to draw another outside character into Dick Grayson’s world. At least in this case the focus shifts to another long-standing Teen Titans character rather than whatever batch of heroes DC is attempting to position for a spinoff series. Donna Troy doesn’t make as strong a first impression as the likes of the Doom Patrol, but she does show more potential in terms of being a lasting, significant presence on the show.

The opening flashback scene is key in terms of establishing the history between Dick and Donna. They’re basically two lonely sidekicks who found a friend in each other while their parents discussed work. In a rare moment of innocence, Dick even explains their relationship by saying, “Her mom knew my dad.” It’s a great way to induct Donna into the fold and reveal that not every aspect of Dick’s childhood at Chez Wayne was so awful. It helped this episode feel like less of a side-story than most of the even-numbered episodes have been. Donna is basically the source of stability Dick needs as he grapples with giving up the Robin mantle and searching for something new.

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