Batman Themed Restaurant Opening In London

Warner Bros. has announced that it is opening the very first DC heroes themed restaurant in London for anyone who’s ever wanted to eat in the Batcave. According to Forbes, the restaurant will be called Park Row after the neighborhood in Gotham home to Batman’s most menacing enemies.

The restaurant will be in the basement of a building in the heart of London so that visitors can feel as though they are actually entering the Batcave when they come to eat there. It features different areas to eat based on different characters and themes from Caped Crusader’s story including a library theme for Batman’s butler Alfred, an “old Gotham city” villains theme with a speakeasy vibe, an entire space devoted to Harley Quinn serving sushi, and a “Penguin’s Lounge,” which is reported to be the largest section complete with live shows and a giant penguin ice sculpture.

Each section of the multifaceted restaurant will have a different menu, with prices averaging at $58/£45 per person. However, the most expensive area of the restaurant called the “Monarch Theater” designed by Ab Rogers Design will have a tasting menu with an average price of $155/£120 per person.

Eating at Park Row is reported to be a bit more like going to see a show than dining in a traditional restaurant setting, but it feels safe to say that if you’re eating there, you weren’t really looking for the traditional restaurant experience. Park Row is set to open this spring in London.

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