Grounded Is Happy To Play Second Fiddle To Cyberpunk 2077 In New Trailer

Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming survival adventure game Grounded is looking to offer a unique take on the genre–and now even the trailer is defying convention by shouting out another studio’s ostensibly competing game.

The two games couldn’t be more different, of course, even though Obsidian is known for narrative-heavy RPGs in the same vein as CD Projeckt Red’s. Grounded is a big departure from the norm for Obsidian, with the trailer naming the studio as “the makers of games that are nothing like this one.”

Grounded looks more like a Rust-style survival game, featuring combat with monstrously large insects, multiplayer and base-building features–albeit with its inventive Honey I Shrunk The Kids aesthetic.

With Grounded releasing this week, it’s also a safe enough distance from Cyberpunk 2077’s delayed November 19 release to get away with. Obsidian’s latest game will drop on July 28 on PC and Xbox One, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass on release.

Obsidian Entertainment recently announced Avowed, a fantasy RPG for the Xbox Series X that probably won’t be hyping Witcher 3 in its trailers.

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