Hitman 3 Murder Mystery Guide: How To Find Every Clue In Dartmoor

There’s a lot going on in Dartmoor, the second mission of Hitman 3. As usual, your job as Agent 47 is to sneak into a location–this time, a huge English mansion–and assassinate a target. But when you arrive at the mansion in Dartmoor, you discover that another murder has already taken place. You even get a chance to solve it if you steal the clothes of a certain private investigator, which opens up a few special opportunities to get close to your target.

Solving the mystery requires you to do some actual detective work, though. You have to track down clues, interview suspects, and verify alibis. The clues themselves can be a little tricky, as they include a combination of items you pick up and items you scan with your camera. Finding all the clues gives you three different options you can present when you finally share your findings with the mansion’s owner, giving you chances to manipulate the situation.

Here’s the location of every clue in the Dartmoor mansion and how to find it. Note that clues you need to scan with your camera can be tough to find, since they’re not highlighted in Instinct vision and are only highlighted through the camera viewfinder when you’re very close to them. Use the Camera icons on the map and minimap to track these down.

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Murder Mystery Clue Locations

Zachary Carlisle’s Room (Six Clues)

You'll find a bunch of clues in Zachary's room; keep an eye out for Camera icons on your minimap for items you need to scan.
You’ll find a bunch of clues in Zachary’s room; keep an eye out for Camera icons on your minimap for items you need to scan.

The first location you’ll enter is the murder scene. There are a lot of clues here, but they’re also probably the easiest ones to find, and you can’t really advance until you’ve locked them all down.

  1. Zachary Carlisle’s Body (Camera Scan)
  2. Nightstand Whiskey Bottle (Camera Scan) — right side of the bed when standing at the foot.
  3. Zachary’s laptop — near the window to the left of Zachary’s bed
  4. Suicide Note — on the table under a window to the left of Zachary’s bed
  5. Hidden Room — pull the interactive book on the bookshelf on the wall, to the right of Zachary’s bed
  6. Mansion floor plan — inside the hidden room near the two-way mirror

Emma And Gregory’s Room (Four Clues)

Emma and Gregory's room includes four clues, one of which is the bulldog cane you'll need to access some hidden rooms.
Emma and Gregory’s room includes four clues, one of which is the bulldog cane you’ll need to access some hidden rooms.

The second bedroom you need to search can help break the case wide open. If you don’t have the key, access it by climbing out the window in the nearby bathroom and using the ledge outside to make a path to the balcony.

  1. Bulldog cane — beside the fireplace, right next to the door (take this item with you, as you’ll need it later)
  2. Greenhouse keychain — right next to the folding screen beside the fireplace, on the side closest to the bed
  3. Muddy Shoes (Camera Scan) — to the left of the fireplace
  4. Letter from Emma’s Mother — on the nightstand on the right side of the bed

Rachel’s Room (Two Clues)

You can also enter Rebecca’s room by climbing out a nearby window, if you don’t get the key off Rebecca herself. There’s also a hidden passage off Rebecca’s room you can access by interacting with a painting on the wall.

  1. Laptop — on the table in the center of the room
  2. Documents (Camera Scan) — near the fireplace

Trophy Room (One Clue)

  1. Documents (Camera Scan)

Library Second Floor Hidden Room (One Clue)

Use the bulldog cane on these mysterious switches to get into secret rooms and find more clues.

Open this hidden room by using the bulldog cane you got from Emma and Gregory’s room on the floor switch. It’s in the corner near the hallway where the maid flirts with a bodyguard.

  1. Montgomery’s Long-Lost Letter

Sitting Room (One Clue)

  1. Montgomery Carlisle Portrait (Camera Scan) — in the northeast corner of the room, hanging on the wall

Terrace Outside Sitting Room (One Clue)

The footprints on the terrace stairs are an easy clue to miss.
  1. Muddy Footprints (Camera Scan)

Dining Room (One Clue)

  1. Speech (Camera Scan) — on the dining room table, toward the center

Fernsby’s Office (Three Clues)

  1. Fernsby’s List — on the desk
  2. Zachary’s Half-Burned Diary — in the fireplace
  3. Mr. Fernsby’s Pills — on the windowsill

Greenhouse (Two Clues)

You’ll probably need a crowbar to get into the Greenhouse, so keep that in mind when you approach the area. Alternatively, after you question Emma Carlisle, she’ll make her way out to the Greenhouse, so you can often use her to unlock the door and get yourself in.

  1. Broken Lab Equipment
  2. Poison Dosage Table (Camera Scan) — on the table beside the lab equipment

Murder Mystery Alibis

Interview each of the suspects to learn more about the family. You'll need to verify their alibis by finding more clues and talking to more people.

In addition to gathering clues from various places around the mansion, you’ll also need to interview all of the potential suspects and witnesses and establish their alibis. You can find the family in various places–Rebecca in the Trophy Room, Emma and Gregory in the Sitting Room, Edward in the Dining Room, and Patrick in the Library. In several cases, you’ll need to then find a way to verify their alibis.

  • Rebecca’s Alibi — Check the laptop in her bedroom to verify her whereabouts
  • Gregory and Edward’s Alibis — Interview both brothers to verify that they were together at a local pub
  • Patrick’s Alibi — After interviewing Patrick, head to the Staff Room near Fernsby’s Office and speak with the crying maid, Rosie

With every clue discovered, you’ll have multiple options about how to complete the murder mystery in Dartmoor, as well as other options for manipulating your assassination target into position. You can read up on the solutions and their effects in our Hitman 3 murder mystery solutions guide. Finding every clue nets you the Cleaning House Challenge, as well.

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