PSVR Starter Pack with Resident Evil VR and NOW TV for £259.99, HP and MSI Gaming Laptops on Sale


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£28 off PlayStation VR Starter Pack with Resident Evil VR and NOW TV

Experience a mind-blowing VR playing experience with PlayStation’s Virtual Reality starter pack. Buy PSVR starter pack at Game and receive a copy of Resident Evil VR and two months of NOW TV completely free.

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Black Panther’s T’Challa Doesn’t Understand SNL’s Black Jeopardy

SNL saw the return of Black Jeopardy over the weekend, and the sketch’s usual format got a bit of a welcome shake-up with the king of Wakanda, T’Challa, starring as the third guest alongside Leslie Jones’ Shanice and Chris Redd’s Rashad.

Chadwick Boseman reprised his Black Panther role as a contestant on the show, making for the “blackest Black Jeopardy yet,” and bungled his way through the categories before finally getting a handle on things at the end.

Categories included “Aw Hell Naw,”  “Fid’na,” and “White People,” which saw T’Challa finally get the hang of the game.

“Your friend Karen brings her potato salad to your cookout,” read Kenan Thompson’s Black Jeopardy host, Darnell Hayes.

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Pokemon: New Mythical Monster Zeraora Revealed

Excitement may be running high for Pokemon’s forthcoming arrival on Switch, but the days of the 3DS iteration are not quite over yet, thanks to the announcement of a brand new mythical Pokemon for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon – Zeraora, the Thunderclap Pokemon.

Originally announced on the Japanese Pokemon show Oha Suta, Zeraora is a pure Electric-type Pokemon, able to emit a powerful magnetic field from the pads on its hands and feet. Unlike other Electric types, it doesn’t have an organ which generates electricity; rather it feeds on the electricity around it, storing it for future use.

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Lucasfilm Unveils Solo: A Star Wars Story Product Line

The merchandise line for Solo: A Star Wars story has been revealed, and pre-orders for several items open today.

After revealing the first action figures based on the film in February, we now have a rundown of what will be available ahead of the film’s release on May 25.

There’s a gallery below, and lists of the available products – and their release dates – following that:

Available for pre-order from today:

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story 3.75-inch Kessel Run Millennium Falcon vehicle by Hasbro ($99.99)
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We Made A Way Out Director Watch His Own ‘F*** the Oscars’ Rant

When promoting his game A Way Out last year at The Game Awards, Josef Fares went on a rant about the Oscars. So when he visited IGN recently, we had the filmmaker-turned-game-developer watch the rant and got his thoughts on his speech that went viral.

“This is the thing with me, I never plan anything, I don’t write scripts,” Fares said after watching his “f*** the Oscars” statements on the latest episode of our monthly interview show IGN Unfiltered. “The problem is that sometimes in my head I have all these things to say, but they come out weirdly,” he explained.

“So with the ‘f*** the Oscars’ thing, it’s because I heard earlier… people talking about, ‘Yeah, this is like the games’ Oscars,’ and I’m like, ‘F*** that, man. This is great. F*** the Oscars,'” Fares added. “It’s not like I particularly have something against the Oscars…. I’m a filmmaker!”

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Wrestlemania 34: Ronda Rousey’s First WWE Match Was A Highlight Reel

The leadup to Wrestlemania 34 featured lots of doubters about the career of newly signed UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, and I was one one of them. Her first segments were a mixed bag and the story itself received a lukewarm reception. However, Rousey silenced every single critic–including myself–with her Wrestlemania 34 performance.

Rousey is happy with how things played out: “Every missed opportunity is a blessing in disguise. I really believe it now.” She lost her last two bouts in the UFC, which took their toll on the fighter. It was well documented that she went through a bout of depression after her loss to Holly Holm. Luckily, she’s in a much happier place now after her Wrestlemania debut.

It may have had a shaky start, but very quickly, we all realized that Rousey has what it takes to make it in the WWE. Her match, where she teamed with Kurt Angle to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, featured highlight after highlight, spot after spot of incredibly memorable moments. We captured some of the best ones from every involved in the match, and you can check them all out by clicking on that arrow to the right.

If you’re looking for more great Wrestlemania moments, why not check out a gallery featuring every time the cameraman cut to John Cena, the final results for the entire PPV, and the ongoing saga of Braun Strowman being a cartoon character.

Top New Game Releases This Week On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC — April 8-14

It’s a great week for traveling between dimensions. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality is coming to PlayStation VR, while Super Daryl Deluxe opens up portals inside a seemingly normal high school. Meanwhile, you can save the world from giant ogres in Extinction or from a diseased meteor in Dark Rose Valkyrie. If you’d rather build something new, you can do just that with Robocraft Infinity.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality — April 10

Available on: PS4

The Adult Swim antics of Rick and his grandson Morty seem pretty perfect for a VR game, especially one designed by the same silly team that built Job Simulator. Now making its way to PSVR, the adventure lets you jump across dimensions, push big red buttons, and solve all sorts of far-out puzzles.

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Super Daryl Deluxe — April 10

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

Daryl is the new kid at Water Falls High School, and he has to prove his place by journeying across a bunch of crazy environments, learning new combat skills, and facing a bunch of weird monsters. What else do you expect from a Metroidvania with a sketchbook art style?

Extinction — April 10

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Speaking of fighting monsters, that’s exactly what you’ll do in Extinction. In this case, the monsters are enormous ogres threatening your city. Cue the epic battles to topple the giants. You can also design your own extra-large encounters in Skirmish Mode.

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Dark Rose Valkyire — April 10

Available on: PC

Dark Rose Valkyrie is also about saving the world, but the threat this time is a meteor spreading a disease across 1920s Japan. This RPG tasks you with more than just winning battles, as you also have to interrogate your own party and look for traitors, comparing their statements Phoenix Wright-style.

Robocraft Infinity — April 11

Available on: Xbox One, PC

Let’s finish with something more constructive–literally. Robocraft Infinity is all about building your own bot to fly, fight, drive, or whatever else you can think of, then taking it online to battle other players’ creations. You can share your own designs and download others’ too. It’s also launching day-and-date on Xbox Game Pass, so subscribers can jump right in.

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LawBreakers Dev Reveals Battle Royale Game Radical Heights

LawBreakers developer Boss Key Productions’ new project is a free-to-play battle royale shooter called Radical Heights.

As detailed on the game’s official website, Radical Heights will be available on Steam Early Access tomorrow, April 10. Radical Heights mixes the battle royale formula with a colorful ’80s aesthetic and a live game show element that takes place in the year 2023.

Players will battle using a variety of vehicles and weapons, including confetti bombs, inflatable decoys, and BMX bikes. You can keep the cash you earn during matches, regardless if you win or lose, and then use those earnings on customization, new weapons, and more. Check out the reveal trailer below:

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Overwatch Not Ready for Player Role Queues Yet, Says Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch players might be clamoring for role queues and it might solve a lot of problems in an ideal world, but game director Jeff Kaplan says the game’s just not ready for it yet.

“There’s two versions the community has proposed, and neither is fully satisfactory to me,” said Kaplan in an interview with Kotaku. “One is the honor system version where I queue up as a tank, but actually I want to play McCree, and the game lets me do that since Overwatch is very much about fluidly responding to the enemy team’s composition. The other version is that it locks you in. I think that also hurts the spirit of the game.”

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GTA 5 Has Made More Money Than Any Film, Book or Game, Says Analyst

Industry analyst Doug Creutz says Grand Theft Auto 5 has made money than any other form of media in history, with over 90 million units sold and $6 billion in revenue.

Creutz, managing director and senior research analyst covering the media and entertainment sector at Cowen, told MarketWatch that the game has made more than blockbuster movies like Star Wars, and Gone With The Wind, which both brought in around $3 billion in theaters when adjusted for inflation. Creutz estimates that even with home entertainment sales, which he puts in the ballpark of $1 billion, the films don’t come close to Rockstar’s 2013 title.

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