Mega Man Undoes One Of Its Weirdest Choices With New X Collection

The upcoming Mega Man X Legacy Collection is undoing one of the more odd and divisive moments in the series history. When Mega Man X5 was localized for the Americas in 2001, it ditched the usual naming scheme for the eight robot bosses and instead named them all oblique references to Guns N’ Roses band members. Capcom is reverting them back to the traditional names for the compilation release.

The revised names were apparent in a video put out by the official Capcom Unity blog to promote the new X Challenge Mode, in which players take on two bosses at once. A Capcom spokesperson confirmed the change to GameSpot:

“In our mission to make these collections an authentic Mega Man X experience, we took the opportunity to better align the naming of the Mega Man X5 Mavericks across all regions for better narrative cohesion across the series, making the names more aligned with the original Japanese version release. We hope that fans appreciate our intent to unify the Mega Man X Maverick-naming convention all these years later.”

Mega Man has always had musical inspirations, from the helper robots “Rock” and “Roll” to the bird Beat and the rival robots Bass and Treble. Still, though, the GnR references broke with the traditional naming scheme and created a stir in the fan community, and Capcom is actually taking the opportunity to address it.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on July 24.