New “Annabelle Comes Homes” Trailer Shows Why You Shouldn’t Play With (Haunted) Dolls

The iconic Chucky–next set to be played by Mark Hamill–wasn’t the only haunted doll that made an appearance during this year’s WonderCon. Warner Bros. dropped the new trailer for the next Annabelle movie, Annabelle Comes Home, during its panel at the convention in Anaheim, California.

Watch it below to see what’s new in the third Annabelle movie, the latest chapter of the connected Conjuring universe to be revealed:

In the trailer, a friend of the Judy Warren’s (Ed and Lorraine’s daughter) very unwisely disturbs the ghost-busting duo’s private hoard of spooky nicknacks, and the results go about as well as you’d expect.

Annabelle Comes Homes is the third movie starring the Annabelle doll as its main antagonist, although she’s also made appearances in other Conjuring universe movies–and beyond. Other than what’s in the trailer above, we don’t know a ton of details about Annabelle Comes Home, besides that Gary Dauberman (writer of the previous two Annabelle films, as well as the upcoming It: Chapter Two) is directing, James Wan is producing (as always), and Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as the Warrens.

Annabelle Comes Home hits theaters June 28.

Child’s Play Casts Mark Hamill As Chucky

There’s one more iconic character for Mark Hamill to add to his resume. The man behind Luke Skywalker, Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, and a long list of other heroes and villains has found his next role as the murderous Chucky doll in the remake of the horror film Child’s Play.

The news was revealed during the Child’s Play WonderCon panel, via a pre-recorded video from Hamill, in which he talked about his excitement to take on the psychopathic toy. The casting was even news to the movie’s other cast members, who were only told of his joining the project just before they walked on stage. Aubrey Plaza, who stars in the movie, joked that she willed this into happening by killing Chucky with a lightsaber during filming.

As for Hamill’s role in Child’s Play, he’s still recording dialogue, producer Seth Grahame-Smith hinted. “To have an icon reimagining an iconic character is an incredible gift,” the producer said. “He’s taken on this challenge with a huge amount of energy and really come at it in a serious way.” The actor himself teased this news was coming in a tweet a day before the official reveal.

Of course, this is far from Hamill’s first voice work. In addition to his aforementioned Batman: The Animated Series turn as the Joker, he’s done voices for TV shows like SWAT Kats, Adventure Time, and Ultimate Spider-Man.

The panel also included some new footage from Child’s Play, which featured a young boy (Gabriel Bateman) trying to convince his mom (Plaza) that his toy doll had come to life and was, in fact, a murderer. Of course, if you know anything about the Child’s Play franchise, you should be able to guess that was followed by a lot of carnage as Chucky tried to kill the mom and her son.

Child’s Play also stars Bryan Tyree Henry and Tim Matheson. It hits theaters on June 21.

Bus Simulator for Consoles Is Like Video Game ASMR

Of the many games I played at PAX East 2019, I didn’t expect Bus Simulator would be one of my favorites, but yet, here we are.

Previously available only to PC gamers, Bus Simulator comes to consoles later this year, and I had a chance to try it out here in Boston. I’ve played other simulator games like Farming Simulator and Train Simulator, so I had an inkling of what to expect.

If you’re unfamiliar, Bus Simulator is exactly what its name promises, but even more in-depth that it would lead you to believe. Yes, you drive busses. In fact, there are dozens of real-life, officially licensed bus models to drive, but it’s more than just driving from stop to stop.

There’s a story here: the fictitious city in which Bus Simulator is set doesn’t have good public transportation. It’s up to you to help rebuild the infrastructure for a thriving public transportation system through–you guessed it–driving busses.

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Daily Deals: Dell Flash Gaming PC Sale – Alienware 15″ GTX 1080 Laptop $1750

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Check Out This Tiny N64 Console Dock for Nintendo Switch

Hyperkin, makers of retro and modern gaming peripherals, had its latest old-school homage on display at PAX East 2019 in Boston: the RetroN S64 Console Dock for Nintendo Switch.

The tiny Jungle Green N64 has 3 USB ports, as well as USB-C for power and HDMI for TV play. Unlike most docks, Hyperkin’s RetroN S64 Console Dock can be used either as a stand-alone charging dock or as a TV dock. Check out some images of the RetroN S64 Console Dock from PAX East.

There’s a toggle button on the RetroN S64 in place of where the cover for the Extension Pak bay on the original N64 is. Pressing the button lets you play in the same way Nintendo’s stand-alone charging dock does, with the added benefit of switching it back to play on the TV. It’s small enough to toss into any bag, making it a great choice for traveling with your Nintendo Switch.

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30 Awesome Cosplay Photos from WonderCon 2019

With WonderCon 2019 underway, we’ve been capturing pictures of our favorite cosplayers at the Anaheim Convention Center. It doesn’t matter if the costumes are professionally made or stitched together at home, these fans have proven themselves worthy with their creativity and passion.

There are some very cool costumes in here, like the X-Men hanging out with Magneto, All Might from My Hero Academia, and a Joker Batman. We will be updating this gallery throughout WonderCon, so be sure to check back from March 29 through March 31 for more awesome cosplay photos. Click through the slideshow below to see the cosplayers.

IGN will be covering WonderCon all weekend long, so be on the lookout for all of the breaking news and reviews coming out of the convention. In honor of Batman celebrating his 80th birthday in Detective Comics #1000, DC unveiled a new logo for the long-running comic book series. We also have a review for the new DC animated movie – Justice League vs. the Fatal Five.

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Emily Bett Rickards Is Leaving Arrow Before the Final Season

Emily Bett Rickards has announced that she’s leaving Arrow before its eighth and final season.

Warner Bros. Television and The CW have confirmed the news, and executive producers Greg Berlanti and Beth Schwartz released this statement: “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Emily since Season 1 and in those past seven years she has brought one of TV’s most beloved characters to life. And although we’re heartbroken to see both Emily and Felicity leave the show, we’re completely supportive of Emily and her future endeavors. She will always have a family at Arrow.”

Rickards posted a message on social media on Saturday morning in the form of a poem.

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