Echo Generation Is A New Turn-Based RPG About Saving Your Hometown

Indie studio Cococucumber revealed its next game during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase. Dubbed Echo Generation, this turn-based adventure gives off Stranger Things vibes.

Set in a small town plagued by supernatural events, Echo Generation stars a group of kids who try to get to the bottom of what’s happening. Throughout your journey, you’ll go on a variety of quests and take on some terrifying-looking monsters in turn-based battles, which will award you experience points to increase your level.

Like Cococucumber’s last game, Riverbond, Echo Generation uses voxel graphics, but it looks a tad less blocky this time around. Based on the reveal trailer, it appears you’ll be able to roam freely around the secluded town, with much of the action taking place after dark. Echo Generation is Cococucumber’s fourth game.

Echo Generation will release in 2021 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.