Marvel’s Loki TV Show Confirmed With Tom Hiddleston

While major change is afoot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it moves toward Phase 4, those eager for more from certain existing characters are in luck. Disney and Marvel have confirmed plans to create a show centered around Loki, with actor Tom Hiddleston set to return to the role.

Unfortunately, there were few details shared beyond that basic premise. This confirmation came as part of a broader announcement about Disney+, which is now officially the name of the company’s upcoming streaming service.

Disney boss Bob Iger shared the news along with the latest earnings report. Disney+ will debut in the United States sometime in late 2019. It’s unclear when the Loki show will debut, how many episodes it will consist of, or what the general plot will be. But, hey, it’s more Loki with Tom Hiddleston, which seems like good-enough news for now.

Word on a Loki show was first reported back in September by Variety, when it revealed there were plans for new series focused on MCU characters who had not starred in their own movies. (Scarlet Witch was another name mentioned.) Each show was reported to consist of 6-8 episodes and be made using a sizable budget. More recently, Variety reported that a new show was also on the way that would feature the Winter Soldier and Falcon.

It remains to be seen what these shows ultimately look like, but it’s clear Disney plans on leveraging its biggest brands to help Disney+ compete with Netflix. In addition to the Loki show, we’ll also be seeing a live-action Star Wars series called The Mandalorian coming from Jon Favreau.