Aquaman: Every Comic Book Easter Egg And Reference

Fortnite’s Hourly New Year’s Eve In-Game Event Now Live

Epic is celebrating a successful year of Fortnite with an in-game New Year’s Eve event occurring every hour today.

When the clock hits a new hour, all players in a Fortnite match will see a giant disco ball rip through a rift in the sky. A countdown starts while music begins to play.

Fortnite - New Year's Eve Event Fireworks overlooking Dusty Divot and Salty Springs.

When the countdown reaches zero, a barrage of fireworks are released and every player is forced to boogie down for 10 seconds, no matter if you were in the middle of a fight or just minding your own business. The event concludes with a giant firework of a llama with a promising “2019” underneath.

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Virgin Galactic Flight Manages to Reach the ‘Edge of Space’

Earlier in December, Virgin Galactic’s supersonic space plane the VSS Unity reached the upper limits of Earth’s atmosphere in a test flight, reaching a point that many consider the “edge of space.”

As reported by CNN, the rocket-powered plane, flown by two veteran pilots, reached a maximum altitude of 51.4 miles, exceeding the 50-mile altitude that NASA considers the edge of space, but not quite the 62 miles that the widely-accepted Karman Line denotes as the edge of space. This point is vaguely defined, largely due to the nature of Earth’s atmosphere not ending at any particular hight, but rather becoming progressively thinner as altitude increases.

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Best Buy’s PS4, Xbox One, And Nintendo Switch Deals This Week

It’s a new week, which means you can find a new set of deals on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch games at Best Buy. Maybe you got a gift card over the holidays, maybe you’re planning to return something and you’ll have store credit, or maybe you’re just looking to save some cash on a game. Whatever the case, here are this week’s video game discounts worth checking out.

You can save $40 on the PlayStation Classic mini console, bringing the price down to a much more reasonable level at $60. Select Xbox One controllers are $10 off. If you buy an Xbox One S or X, you’ll get a free $50 e-gift card.

If you’re willing to place a pre-order, you can get additional deals if you have a free My Best Buy membership. Pre-order Kingdom Hearts 3, and you’ll receive a $10 reward certificate and a free keychain. You can also get a $10 reward, along with some in-game goodies, for pre-ordering BioWare’s shared-world shooter Anthem.

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As for games that are available now, many of the discounts are holdovers from previous weeks, but no matter: a good deal is a good deal. Battlefield V, which has only been out for a month, is half off at $30. The similarly new game Fallout 76 is down to $40, but if you’d rather explore an offline version of the wasteland, try Fallout 4 GotY Edition for $30.

While you won’t find any deals this week on Red Dead Redemption 2, Xbox One owners can pick up the Xbox 360 game Red Dead Redemption (playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility) for $10. Switch owners can grab the one-two punch of America’s Greatest Game Shows: Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy for $20.

You can find more of our picks below, or you can check out the full list of video game deals on Best Buy’s sale page.


Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

Top 10 Most Popular Trailers of 2018 on IGN

There are few things better than a great trailer to get us — and you, our audience! — hyped about an upcoming movie, game or TV show. With 2018 coming to a close, we thought it would be fun to look back at the trailers that got the most eyeballs across IGN’s various platforms.

Pulling data from our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, of course, videos, we compiled a list of the 10 trailers that got the most combined viewed across those five platforms. It’s a somewhat surprising mix of titles, but offers a pretty good snapshot of the properties that struck 2018 the most. (This data was compiled on Dec. 30th.)

Take a look at our top trailers below, and let us know what your favorite trailer of the year was in the poll below and in the comments!

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A Cafe in Japan Hires Robot Servers, But With a Twist

A Cafe in Tokyo uses an all-robot staff, though some of its employees that control these servers do so remotely, under special circumstances.

As reported by NextShark, these employees have debilitating conditions like ALS and similar spinal chord injuries, and operate the robot servers from home. They operate an OriHime-D: a 4-foot-tall robot that moves, handles objects, and communicates with patrons at Tokyo’s Cafe DAWN (Diverse Avatar Working Network). Cafe DAWN is intended to resemble the robot-centric cafe featured in the 2008 anime Time of Eve.

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49 Big Games Coming in 2019

With 2018 firmly in the books – and what a year it was! – it’s time to focus on the future. Now that 2019 is upon us and bringing with it long-awaited sequels, intriguing fresh takes, and a ton of exciting games, let’s run down the list of what we know is on the way in the next year. Here are 49 big games confirmed to be coming in 2019, with the pesky reminder that delays happen and some of these could slip out of the calendar year. But with the fine print out of the way, on to the list!

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Release Date: January 18 (PS4, Xbox One) / February 1 (PC)

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

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The 10 Biggest WWE Moments In 2018

Every Show Netflix Canceled In 2018

Fortnite Rings In New Year With Fireworks

Fortnite appears to be ringing in the new year for anyone who happens to be in the game when the ball drops. A video captured from a streamer in New Zealand–where 2019 came earlier than many other territories–shows the festivities as they occurred, and we’re likely to see the same across other time zones as well.

Streamer Rocky posted the video, which includes a giant spinning disco ball, some fireworks, and “2019” appearing in its own fireworks in the sky. You can actually hear the participants realize what’s happening as the video goes on, and one remarks that it’s “3 AM.” So the event is location-based, but it may or may not happen at exactly midnight for you.

Fortnite has become known for hosting special in-world events that can only be witnessed if you happen to be in the game at the exact time it all goes down. Usually these are reserved for big events during seasonal transitions or when building the meta-story about what will happen next. For weeks Kevin the cube slowly lumbered toward Loot Lake, for example, but only players in-game when it touched down got to see it flop over the edge and melt.

Currently Fortnite is in Season 7, offering a bevy of new cosmetics for those who complete the Battle Pass. You can check out our challenge guide for tips on how to complete the various tasks and earn your stars. Meanwhile, Epic is fending off legal challenges from the most unexpected of places: various celebrities and viral video stars suing over the use of their dances.