Google Stadia Pro Gets Metro Exodus and Gylt for Free in February

Google Stadia Pro members will be able to add Metro Exodus and Gylt to their Stadia library beginning in February. Both of these games will be free for Stadia Pro members and once added, will remain in their library as long as they have an active subscription.

Stadia announced that the two games would be coming to its Pro service on February 1 and will replace Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration and Samurai Shodown. Both of these games will be available through January 31 and will remain in your account until you unsubscribe, as long as you have added them.

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For those who need a quick refresher, Metro Exodus is a FPS in which players will have to flee the shattered ruins of Moscow. Additionally, it was announced earlier this week that the final Metro Exodus expansion would release in February – however, it is likely not to be included with Stadia’s offer.

Gylt, on the other hand, is a horror game which forces players to face some of their worst fears as they travel through a spooky, yet beautiful, universe.

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Google Stadia Pro is available for $10 a month, and is currently the only way to use the service – unless you’re one of the Stadia Founders. However, Google is planning to launch it’s Stadia Base service for free later this year.

Google Stadia had a rocky start in its late 2019 launch, causing some to wonder if Google’s new streaming service was doomed before it ever officially began. If you’re on the fence, be sure to check out our Google Stadia review and the full lineup of games available on the service.

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Andrew Smith is a freelance contributor with IGN. Follow him on Twitter @_andrewtsmith

All The Changes Coming to Apex Legends Season 4

Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation begins February 4th and brings a ton of new changes that keep things fresh including ranked mode updates, a new Battle Pass, a new bolt-action sniper rifle, a new Legend, plus some more mysterious backstory for the Apex Legends universe. Here’s everything we know so far.

Map Changes

The Assimilation season will be split into halves, each containing a different map and will last for roughly six weeks. During the first split, players will continue playing on the existing World’s Edge map, although it appears to have undergone some changes. During the recent Apex Legends developer stream, we saw that Capital City has been destroyed and the lava beneath the ground is visible. While it’s not a huge change, there may be other locations that are affected which greatly reduces ground areas to explore and loot. World’s Edge will be available from the start of the new season through March 23. After that the second split will begin, bringing with it the return of Apex Legends’ original map, King’s Canyon, which will be available from March 24-May 5.

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Series 3 Changes

Since this is the first Series that features a split, adjustments have been made to the ranked system. After the mid-season split, players’ ranks will undergo a soft reset, dropping down 1 ½ tiers. In addition to splitting the ranked season, adjustments have also been made to the competitive ladder. For example, the new Master Tier now replaces Apex Predator and is attained once you reach 10,000 RP. Apex Predator still exists, but will now be reserved for the top 500 players on each platform. But, reaching Apex Predator doesn’t mean players remain there indefinitely. It’ll be a highly contested rank that players will fight for throughout the season.

Ranked rewards are getting some minor changes and are now generated based on the highest rank you achieve on either split. And, if you achieve the same rank during both splits, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive animated badges. Additionally, Dive trails will now be a reward for the following Series, and will expire at the end of that season (unless you manage to hit the same rank). Players who earned Dive trails during Series 1 or 2 will be excluded, however, and will keep those trails forever.

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New Legend?

Initially, Respawn revealed James “Forge” McCormick as the new Legend, a melee-based character armed with Shatter Gauntlets who is also known as the “Five-time Federation Fighting Champion.” However, shortly after his reveal, Forge appeared in a fictional interview where he was stabbed through the chest and allegedly killed by the mysterious character Revenant. The actual interview site is available to visit on the World’s Edge map right now in game in the ‘Sorting Factory’ landing spot. There, you can see Forge’s death box and grab his “Steel Cut” Commemorative Charm that’s a unique weapon charm players can equip after their game ends. Check out the location in the slideshow below.

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An interesting detail that’s included in the description of the charm is that Forge is “the often imitated but never defeated” champion. Players have been speculating that maybe the Forge we saw in the interview was merely a pretender, an impersonator, and the real Forge is alive and well. But that’s all speculation for now. Forge is also the first Apex competitor to be sponsored by the fictional in-game company, Hammond Robotics. Fans of the Titanfall universe may recall hearing about Hammond Robotics, but to really understand the connection between this company and how it ties into Apex Legends, we have to go way back…

What is Hammond Robotics?

The first Titanfall took place when the Titan Wars and the Frontier War were at large. The main powers fighting against each other were the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and the Militia. The IMC, originally called Hammond Engineering, was a massive industrial conglomerate that existed on Earth. The IMC was notorious for sending their fleets to independent human-occupied worlds to exploit their natural resources. The colonists rebelled after suffering the loss of their homes and freedom and formed the Militia, which sparked a civil war that spanned many worlds.

Hammond Robotics was an allied component of the IMC that acted as a manufacturing, aerospace, and defense contractor. It famously produced war materials for the IMC including Titans, Spectres, and Marvins—janitor robots that resemble Pathfinder and may point to its mysterious past. There’s even a fictional website for Hammond Robotics that’s been around since the launch of Titanfall if you’re interested in learning more about the company. During this time, the IMC contracted a mercenary by the name of Kuben Blisk who led a mercenary group of elite pilots called Apex Predators—a fitting name for the top rank in Apex Legends. The story in Apex Legends takes place after the Frontier War, when both the IMC and Militia were dissolved following a final battle.

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This brings us to the new Legend, Forge. Because Forge is sponsored by Hammond Robotics, fans are speculating that the changes and destruction of World’s Edge aren’t a coincidence. There are even construction signs that have begun appearing in certain locations that read “future Hammond Robotics Worksite,” implying something beyond a simple sponsorship may be in the works. Oh, and Hammond Robotics sponsored the interview where Forge was assassinated.

What About Revenant?

After Revenant’s introduction to the game during the Halloween event (and a tease from the development team), people have been digging up evidence about the mysterious character. Reddit user VonHollde recently noted that Revenant can be seen in the background of Respawn’s Season 4 announcement page. Apex’s twitter page has been releasing updates after Revenant assassinated Forge, and there are several details within these posts that might give us a clue on what to expect. A statement from the fictional “Outlands Television” network stated that they were accepting any information about the assailant (Revenant) but “If your information involves a MRVN with fantastical claims that he interacted with “another version” of the attacker on Halloween, please refrain from contacting the Syndicate.”

The MRVN described in this statement is clearly Pathfinder from the Halloween event trailer that came out last year where Revenant was first revealed. Also, the Syndicate is the group that runs and moderates the Apex Games, though not a whole lot is known about them at the time. It’s been highly speculated by fans that Kuben Blisk may be the founder of the Syndicate.  Outlands Television also tweeted out an update about a recent break-in at Hammond’s facility, stating that whoever had broken in and murdered the security guards now has downloaded files containing information about nearly three hundred Hammond Robotics employees. It seems that Revenant may be causing more havoc after his stunt on live television, but this is all speculation for now. If Forge did somehow survive the interview encounter, then maybe Revenant will show up during the King’s Canyon split halfway through the season or earlier if Forge did not.

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There’s a ton of new content on the way in Apex Legends Season 4 that’s sure to keep us on our toes. It’s also the 1-year anniversary of Apex Legends, so there will be additional daily login rewards to look out for. What do you think is happening with the lore behind the Apex Legends? Do you think we’ll see Forge return from the grave, or was this all a ploy to reveal Revenant? Or, do you think we’ll get both legends during the season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to stick with IGN for all your Apex Legends news.

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Matthew Adler is a Features and News writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @matthewadler and watch him on Twitch. Stella Chung is Associated Gameplay Editor and Host at IGN. Follow her on Twitter  and watch her on Twitch.

Dying Light: Bad Blood Is Now Free to All Dying Light Players

Techland has announced that all owners of Dying Light are able to redeem a free copy of Dying Light: Bad Blood on PC. This comes just a week after Techland revealed that Dying Light 2 has been delayed indefinitely.

“As a token of appreciation for our amazing community, we are pleased to offer a free copy of Dying Light: Bad Blood to every Survivor eager to expand their Dying Light experience,” Techland wrote in the announcement.

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In order to get a free copy of Bad Blood, you need to head to the Dying Light dockets site, either login or register an account, and then link your Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox account if you haven’t already.

Once that’s done, and you own Dying Light on the platform you linked, a banner should appear on the website that says you’re eligible for a free copy of Dying Light: Bad Blood on PC. Just click on that banner and follow the instructions to get your Steam code.

Bad Blood takes the gory zombie parkour of Dying Light and gives it a battle royale style twist. Each match starts with 12 players but only one can be the winner. Players search the map for weapons and upgrades, and can choose to team up with other players to fight zombies, or battle each other – they’ll have to eventually if they want to win.

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Unfortunately, Bad Blood didn’t attract many players when it debuted on Steam Early Access back in 2018. But with many players able to pick it up for free now it should have a larger head count.

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Chris Priestman is a freelancer who writes news for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.

Marvel’s WandaVision Show WIll Be “F***ing Bonkers,” Says Star

WandaVision is one of several new Marvel shows currently in the works for Disney+. As the title suggests, it focuses on the characters of Wanda Maximoff and The Vision, played by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany respectively. The show is scheduled for release later this year, and now Bettany has hinted at what fans can expect from it.

Speaking at the Sundance Film Festival, Bettany suggested that WandaVision will be very different from other superhero shows. “It is f***ing bonkers,” he said, via The Playlist. “It’s so out there and nuts. Fans will not have to wait that much longer. They’ll get much more than an insight very, very soon.”

As Bettany suggests, we can expect something more official about WandaVision imminently. As for why exactly it will be so “bonkers,” it could have something to do with Olsen’s previous description of it as a “mash-up of sitcoms.” Concept art revealed at Disney’s D23 convention last year had a very surprising ’50s TV comedy look to them.

As well as Olsen and Bettany, other confirmed cast members include Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau, Randall Park as Agent Jimmy Woo, Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, and Kathryn Hahn as “the noisy neighbor.” For more, check out GameSpot’s guide to everything we know so far about WandaVision.

Other Disney+ Marvel shows on the way include Loki, She-Hulk, and Falcon and Winter Soldier. While no release dates have been confirmed for any of these, Deadline recently stated that Falcon and Winter Soldier will be with us in August.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 4.3 Patch Notes: Vulkan Support And ADS Nerfs

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will be receiving another update before the end of the month, with Vulkan API support headlining the patch for players on PC. The patch will also address ADS (Aim Down Sights) speeds for all weapons, rectifying an unexpected increase with an animations patch with Ember Rise.

Vulkan support has rolled out on PC, with Update 4.3 (aka Y4S4.3) having launched earlier today. This allows you to select between the current DirectX 11 version or Vulkan when launching the game. The Vulkan API offers some performance improvements over DirectX 11 in general, which Ubisoft detail in a separate post, but experimentation between the two is advised.

Xbox One and PS4 players can expect the new update a day later on January 29, with all gameplay changes and fixes being applied to all platforms. The most significant change is to the ADS speeds of all weapons, with some increasing by over 30%. In the Designer’s Notes for the patch, it’s explained that the decrease is to offset a previous increase in ADS speeds that came about with an animation patch in Ember Rise. Ubisoft says this should return weapons to their original values.

In addition to some balancing changes to numerous Operators, Ubisoft has also identified the increase in Lesion’s win-rate and overall usage. Although they haven’t yet decided on an approach to further balance the Operator, they do state that they are looking at ways to reduce his overall effectiveness and the subsequent frustration he is currently causing players.

The full patch notes for 4.3 can be found below:

Rainbow Six Siege 4.3 Patch Notes



  • ADS time increased for all weapons.
  • Assault rifles: from 0.30s to 0.40s
  • DMRs: from 0.30s up to 0.40s
  • SMGs: from 0.20s up to 0.30s
  • LMGs: from 0.40s up to 0.45s
  • Pistol: 0.10s up to 0.20s
  • SMG in secondary slots: 0.10s up to 0.275s*
  • Shotguns: 0.20s up to 0.25s

*(Modified based on feedback from Test Server)

BLACKBEARD We support great beards and more decision-making.

  • ADS penalization will only apply when Blackbeard’s Gun Shield is equipped.
  • Weapons without the Gun Shield will maintain the same ADS timings as any other AR.
  • Weapons with the Gun Shield will retain the same ADS timings from before.
  • The Angled Grip will affect the SCAR with and without the Gun Shield equipped.

ECHO Echo forgot to activate 2SV.

  • Echo can now be called by Dokkaebi.
  • Echo now drops a phone when killed with Dokkaebi present.
  • When hacked, access to the Yokai cameras is also granted for Attackers.
  • Yokai now has lights that show only when NOT cloaked, and Yokai drone lights will change to reflect it is hacked.

ELA A little more princess, a little less Nerferella.

  • Reduced recoil on Scorpion Evo3 for the first 16 shots, any proceeding shots will retain previous recoil pattern.

FINKA The juice is loose.

  • Increased Finka’s Spear .308 damage to 42 (up from 38).

JAGER Wamai giving Jager a run for his money.

  • Reduced Jager’s 416-C damage to 38 (down from 43).

MAESTRO Maestro joins the No-ACOG club.

  • ACOG removed from Maestro’s ALDA.

YING New and improved Candelas! Great for flashing enemies and not just your team!

  • Candela’s now have a new outline that is visible only to Ying.
  • Improved distribution of Cluster Flashes to make the flash more reliable.
  • Number of pellets per Candela increased to 7 (up from 6) – (1 at floor level, 3 at around hip level and 3 at head level).
  • Pellets detonation time reduced to 0.3s (from 1s on throw and 2.5s on deploy).
  • Pellets that bounce on environmental props maintain their velocity instead of falling and detonating on the floor.
  • Candela explosion minor VFX improvements.


  • Increased FMG9 damage to 34 (up from 30) for Nokk and Smoke.



  • FIXED – Attachers can sometimes go through barricaded windows while attempting to hotbreach without detonating the breaching charge.
  • FIXED – Crashing if Lesion is pushed back by an airjab while trying to pull out a GU mine at the same time.


  • FIXED – Jackal can’t scan footsteps while within the warning area of a Mute jammer. He can now scan footsteps while in the warning area – making it more in alignment with all other Operator gadgets and abilities that can be used while still in the warning area of a jammer.
  • FIXED – A rolling Candela that stops on a staircase will slide downstairs before detonating. Candelas will now stop and stay in place where they activated, even on stairs or uneven surfaces.
  • FIXED – Glaz’s Holographic Sight has a larger and thicker red reticle than other Russian Holographic Sights.FIXED –
  • FIXED – After being affected by Thatcher’s EMP, Yokai’s blue lights remain dark even when being operated.
  • FIXED – Castle’s Nail Gun remains present and clips while deploying his Armor Panels.


  • FIXED – Invisible collision at the skylight of EXT Roof Top of Kafe for sticky deployable gadgets.
  • FIXED – Wall studs are not destroyed when a reinforced wall is first broken by Maverick and then shot by Zofia’s impact grenade.


  • FIXED – Thunt matches count towards the “Match Win Streak” Battle Pass Challenge.FIXED – Battle Pass progression does not update properly on end-match screen, but shows correct progression in the main BP HUD.
  • FIXED – Various minor HUD and menu visual issues.
  • FIXED – Various minor shop and cosmetic visual issues.
  • FIXED – If a player mutes a teammate, they can still hear muted teammates after switching sides, even though the HUD indicates they are muted.
  • FIXED – In Caster or support mode, Nomad’s warheads pops in her hand while switching/reloading.
  • FIXED – Bandit’s shockwire gadget appears offset when he holds it in his hands.
  • FIXED – Incorrect animation for Ballistic Shield ops when being pushed back.
  • FIXED – Zofia’s KS79 Lifeline grenade launcher’s ammo faces the wrong side.
  • FIXED – Swapping weapons while vaulting will cause the operators arm to appear broken from a 3rd person POV.
  • FIXED – Weapons don’t sway back and forth while in rappel and moving L/R.
  • FIXED – Operators can appear to be floating over a shield from 3rd person POV if they vault over a shield twice.

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Pokemon Bank: Get A Free Month To Move Pokemon To Sword And Shield

The Pokemon Company has finally shared some more details on Pokemon Home, the upcoming cloud storage service for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The service will be available in free and paid tiers, the latter of which allows you to transfer over any Pokemon you have stored in Pokemon Bank on 3DS (among other additional perks). To make the transfer process even easier, you’ll be able to get a month of Pokemon Bank at no cost.

Following the launch of Pokemon Home, The Pokemon Company says Pokemon Bank–and the related Poke Transporter app, which is used to migrate Pokemon from DS games over to Bank–will be available for free for a one-month period. The service typically costs $5 USD per year, but this promotion allows players who spring for the premium tier of Pokemon Home to transfer their Pokemon over from the 3DS without paying a second subscription fee.

Once you bring Pokemon over from Bank to Home, you’ll then be able to use them in Pokemon Sword and Shield (provided they’re available in the Galar Pokedex or are added to the games later this year). However, any Pokemon that are moved from Bank to Home can no longer be returned to 3DS. You can read more details on the official Pokemon Home website.

As previously mentioned, the ability to move Pokemon from Bank to Home is limited to the premium tier, which costs $3 for one month, $5 for three months, and $16 for 12 months. The premium tier also gives you access to the Judge function–which allows you to check your Pokemon’s base stats–as well as more storage capacity and the ability to trade more Pokemon at once. You can see the full breakdown of benefits below.

Pokemon Home launches in February 2020, although an exact release date has not yet been announced. Meanwhile, Pokemon Sword and Shield are receiving two big expansions this year, each of which introduces a new area to explore, as well as new gameplay mechanics, items, and a variety of returning Pokemon to the games. The expansion pass is available to pre-purchase now and costs $30 USD.

Pokemon Home – Free vs. Paid Benefits

Description Basic Premium
Moving Pokémon from Pokemon Bank Unavailable Available
Number of Pokemon that can be deposited 30
Number of Pokemon that can be placed in the Wonder Box at once 3
Number of Pokemon that can be placed in the GTS at once 1
Room Trade Participate Participate and host
Judge function Unavailable Available

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Xbox Games With Gold For February Announced

Microsoft has announced its upcoming Xbox Games With Gold freebies for the month of February. The games available for Xbox One will will include TT Isle of Man, Call of Cthulu, Fable Heroes, and the 2004 Xbox classic Star Wars Battlefront.

TT Isle of Man is a tight-cornered motocross racer that will be available throughout the whole month. The other Xbox One game for the month, Call of Cthulu–a creepy game based on Lovecraft horror–will join it on February 16. Fable Heroes is a cute multiplayer spin-off of the main Fable saga originally released for Xbox 360 in 2012. And finally, Star Wars Battlefront is the original 2004 classic that spawned several sequels and DICE’s current-gen reboot.

Your Gold subscription, which enables online play, also includes the monthly Games with Gold library. Gold is also included with Game Pass Ultimate, which gives you a much larger subscription-based library on both Xbox One and PC.

The impending release of February’s games means you only have a few days left to claim the ones from January, including Styx: Shards of Darkness and Lego Star Wars 2. The other January game, Batman: The Telltale Series, will stick around until February 15.

Xbox Games With Gold for February 2020

  • TT Isle of Man (February 1-29)
  • Call of Cthulu (February 16-March 15)
  • Fable Heroes (February 1-15)
  • Star Wars Battlefront (February 16-29)

GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers.

Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge – Exclusive Trailer Debut

Finish him! Get your first look at Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge — the R-rated feature-length animated film coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital in spring 2020 — by watching the trailer in the player above or in the embed below.

Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge sees the champions of Outworld and Earthrealm battle to the death in a tournament that will determine the fate of Earth. The film appears largely inspired by the 2011 Mortal Kombat game, which itself rejiggered elements from the first three games released in the early ‘90s.

Drawing directly from the 2011 game, Scorpion’s Revenge brings back voice actor Patrick Seitz as Scorpion, who also voiced Scorpion in both Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Mortal Kombat X. But Seitz isn’t the only veteran MK franchise actor cast in Scorpion’s Revenge.

A pair of Mortal Kombat 11 actors join the Scorpion’s Revenge voice ensemble but in different roles than they played in the 2019 game. David B. Mitchell, who played Geras and Sektor in MK11, voices Raiden here while Ike Amadi, who portrayed Shao Kahn and Cyrax in MK11, voices OIA leader Jax Briggs in Scorpion’s Revenge.

[ignvideo url=””]

For non-gamers. the most notable names in the Scorpion’s Revenge voice cast are certainly Community’s Joel McHale and Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter as Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, respectively.

You can check out the complete voice cast below:

  • Joel McHale as Johnny Cage
  • Jennifer Carpenter as Sonya Blade
  • Jordan Rodrigues as Lui Kang
  • Patrick Seitz as Scorpion & Hanzo Hasashi
  • Steve Blum as Sub-Zero
  • Artt Butler as Shang Tsung
  • Darin De Paul as Quan Chi
  • Robin Atkin Downes as Kano
  • David B. Mitchell as Raiden
  • Ike Amadi as Jax Briggs
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Goro
  • Grey Griffin as Kitana & Satoshi Hasashi
  • Fred Tatasciore as Demon Torturer

Behind the scenes, the filmmaking team includes several DC Universe Original Movie creatives, namely Batman: Assault on Arkham’s Ethan Spaulding as director and Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans’ Jeremy Adams as screenwriter, Batman vs. Two-Face’s Rick Morales as producer, and Batman: Gotham by Gaslight’s Jim Krieg as co-producer.

The involvement of so many DC animation veterans shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, seeing as Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge is produced by the same studio. Warner Bros. Animation (who produced Scorpion’s Revenge in coordination with NeatherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment).

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Are you excited for Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge? Sound off in the comments!

And for more on Mortal Kombat, check out the Joker gameplay and fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11 and the official Joker gameplay trailer!

The Lion King Remake Now Available on Disney+

Disney has added The Lion King remake to Disney+, allowing fans to watch Jon Favreau’s take on the 1994 classic whenever they wish.

The remake, which passed Frozen to become the highest-grossing animated film of all time with earnings of over $1.3 billion worldwide, joins the original on Disney’s streaming platform.

In our review of The Lion King, we said “Disney delivers their most successful remake yet. A strong cast, outstanding visuals, and the classic animal-centric take on Hamlet make this infinitely more watchable than some of the studio’s previous retellings.”

[ignvideo url=””]

The Lion King arrives shortly before February, which will see such additions to Disney+ as Toy Story 4, season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the second and final season of Star Wars Resistance, and much more.

The Lion King was one part of Disney’s successful 2019 that saw the company become the first studio to surpass $10 billion at the worldwide box office. Such other films as Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Toy Story 4, Aladdin, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker helped achieve this milestone.

For more on The Lion King remake, check out seven cool facts on how the movie was made, including that it was filmed inside a VR video game.

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Killer Deals on Used PS4 and Xbox One Controllers and More

Amazon Warehouse is the online retailer’s stock of previously owned items. Right now you can get an extra 20% off many items that are already discounted on account of being used. This includes things like PS4 controllers and Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, along with much more.

Each item has its condition listed in detail, so you won’t be surprised when it arrives. And if you’re not satisfied, you’ll get the same Amazon customer service you would if you were buying new. Just make sure your item is sold by Amazon Warehouse, and you’ll get the extra 20% off. Note that inventory is limited, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. You’ll find our highlights below, or you can check out all the discounted items here.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller is $131.08


The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is arguably the best video game controller ever made. Constructed of high-quality materials, it has programmable rear paddles for easy button access, swappable sticks and D-pad, and a wraparound rubberized grip for extra support. This is a great deal, considering that it normally retails for $180.

PS4 DualShock 4 Controller Deals


Lots of different colors of PS4 DualShock 4 controllers are on sale for 20% off. The prices above reflect the price of the ones in the best condition available at the time of writing.

Xbox One Controller Deals


The same goes for Xbox One. These colorful controllers are available for big discounts off their price when bought new.

PlayStation VR with Move Controllers and 2 Games (Like New) is $253.82


I love my PlayStation VR, and I paid full price for it. This setup normally retails for $350, which means you’re getting a like-new condition one for nearly $100 less. That’s a great deal no matter how you slice it.

Xbox One S All-Digital is $129.17


If you’re prepared to embrace an all-digital future, you can grab an Xbox One S All-Digital for way cheaper than the $250 MSRP.

HTC Vive Pro Full Kit is $777.46


New, this all-in-one VR setup costs $1199. You can save over $400 by grabbing this deal on a “Used: Like New” system. Connect it to a VR-ready PC, and you’ll be all set to play Half-Life: Alyx when it launches.

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Chris Reed is IGN’s shopping and commerce editor. You can follow him on Twitter @_chrislreed.

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