Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operators Hide In Plain Sight

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Phantom Sight Revealed; New Operators Nokk And Warden Detailed

Rainbow Six Siege‘s new season of DLC has been revealed. Operation Phantom Sight will include the customary two new Operators–Nokk and Warden–as well as a map rework and some welcome tweaks to existing characters.

Nokk is for all intents and purposes an attacking version of Vigil. Her Hel gadget allows her to become near-invisible to enemy cameras. The ability is timed, so you won’t be invisible forever, but this could be a very powerful tool for pushing objective rooms. Her weapon selection includes the FMG-9 SMG, the Six12 SD shotgun, and the Desert Eagle-like D-50, which is very powerful and can be equipped with a suppressor.

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Warden, a defender, wears Smartglasses, which allow him to see through smoke while stationary. In addition, his ability makes him practically impervious to flashbangs and other disorientating devices, such as Ying’s Candelas.

Siege’s sniper character, Glaz, has been heavily tweaked for Operation Phantom Sight. His thermal scope now takes much longer to acquire the profile of defenders, which has a big impact when attempting to shoot through smoke. The change intends to discourage Glaz players from simply storming to the frontline of a fight, while also retaining his distance-shooting strength.

Finally, Kafe Dostoyevsky has been reworked. The rework is not as dramatic as Hereford Base’s, but still modernizes the building and makes it fit for how Siege has evolved since launch. Check out the new Kafe and all the Year 2, Season 4 details in our preview video above. Ubisoft has not yet confirmed when Operation Phantom Sight will begin, but traditionally content updates drop on live PS4, Xbox One, and PC servers around three weeks after being revealed.

In Rainbow Six Siege’s latest update, Ubisoft introduced reverse friendly fire, a new system that aims to curb the game’s team-killing problem. Thanks to the update, shooting an ally will now cause all the damage you deal to be inflicted on yourself. Ubisoft intends to continue tweaking the system and patches are already planned for the next season as part of Ubisoft’s new policy to push out game updates more regularly.

Suda51 Breaks Down His Iconic Career

Thus far in Audio Logs we’ve explored the creation of specific games, shining a light on some of the interesting and creative design and development methods employed to bring our favorite gaming experiences to life.

However, in this episode, we’re doing something a little different, and it’s because the guest warrants it. That guest is Gochi “Suda51” Suda, the Japanese designer and director known for his work on Fire Pro Wrestling, Killer7, Shadows of the Damned, and No More Heroes, among other titles.

Suda is loved for bringing a carefree, punk rock attitude to his video games. They are very much a reflection of himself and his tastes and, unsurprisingly, he’s lived an interesting life, starting his career as a hearse driver before jumping into the world of video game development.

In this episode, Suda discusses his early motivations to get into making games, landing a gig writing Super Fire Pro Wrestling’s infamous ending scenario, working with Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, and establishing his own studio, where he went on to create a number of other iconic games.

Each of his career milestones comes with a fascinating, insightful, or hilarious anecdote that not only provides insight into the inner workings of Suda’s mind, but also highlights the unique, charming personality he imbues his games with. It’s a fun time.

Audio Logs is a weekly show where the people behind the games we love tell us the stories of how they’re made. You can watch more episodes of Audio Logs on YouTube. We’ve got God of War director Cory Barlog breaking down one of the game’s most impactful scenes; Cuphead’s lead game designer, Jared Moldenhauer, talking about the inspirations for King Dice’s Dice Palace; Dead Cells’ game designer Sebastian Benard revealing the amazing design tricks they used to make the game super satisfying to play, and Overwatch designer Geoff Goodman exploring how Baptiste was created.

Be sure to subscribe to GameSpot on YouTube to see more episodes as they’re released. You won’t want to miss it!

Overwatch Anniversary Kicks Off Next Week

Overwatch is celebrating its three year anniversary event this month, with a special seasonal event that pays homage to the game’s history. The event begins on May 21 and goes on through June 10 and during it players will be able to collect new cosmetics, participate in special events, and more.

The star of any Overwatch event are the new skins, and this anniversary event will be no different. It will debut six new legendary skins and three epic skins, as well as new dances for the three most recent characters: Baptiste, Ashe, and Wrecking Ball.

Seasonal brawls will be coming to the Arcade, and they’ll be rotated daily. Those include the Overwatch Archives – Storm Rising brawls.

During the duration of the event, logging in will get you one bonus Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, which guarantees one Legendary item. If you purchase a 50 Loot Box bundle, you’ll get an extra Legendary Anniversary Loot Box as well. Previous seasonal event loots will also be included in loot boxes during the anniversary event.

To kick off the event, Blizzard is offering a free trial from May 21-May 28. It will be debuting new cosmetics throughout that week as well. You can start pre-loading the trial on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now, to be prepared for the free period. The Anniversary event lasts through June 10.

Overwatch: 3-Year Anniversary Celebration Announced

Overwatch has announced that it will celebrate its 3-year anniversary from May 21 – June 10 with new skins, dances, sprays, all past seasonal cosmetic items, and most seasonal brawls.

Overwatch’s Anniversary celebration will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and the new items include six Legendary skins, 3 epic skins, and new dance emotes for Baptiste, Ashe, and Wrecking Ball.

These past seasonal brawls will be returning to the Arcade and will be rotated daily and will also feature those found in Overwatch Archives – Storm Rising.

All players who play Overwatch during the anniversary will receive one bonus Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, which contains a guaranteed Legendary item, and all past Seasonal Event loot will be obtainable through loot boxes for the duration of the event. Players who purchase the 50 Loot Box Bundle will also receive one bonus Legendary Anniversary Loot Box.

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Are The Flash and Arrow’s Season Finales Teasing a More Interconnected Arrowverse?

Warning: this article contains spoilers for the Arrow Season 7 finale and The Flash Season 5 finale!

Both Arrow and The Flash just wrapped up their latest seasons. One thing both finales had in common (besides an emphasis on the heroic legacies of Oliver Queen and Barry Allen) is that they teased the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover. In the case of Arrow, Ollie’s happy retirement was interrupted by the Monitor, who informed him the time had come to honor the bargain they struck in “Elseworlds.” On The Flash, the infamous newspaper headline declaring “Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis” suddenly changed. Recent alternations to the timeline have moved up the Crisis from 2024 to 2019.

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