Black Friday 2019: Here Are the Best Deals You Can Still Get

Just because Friday has passed doesn’t mean Black Friday 2019 is over. Several deals are still live and will stay live through the weekend. The include some of most popular deals on Black Friday, like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One consoles, Apple iPads, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Echo, TVs, and laptops. We’ve listed everything that’s still available from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more. We’ll keep this list updated through the weekend.

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Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals

There are still some Switch console deals that are available, as well as $39.99 Switch games, memory cards, and Joy-Con controllers.

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Nintendo’s Black Friday Deals: Here’s What’s Still Live

We’re in the thick of Black Friday slash Cyber Monday weekend, and the deals are sizzling. Nintendo fans have plenty of opportunities to get sizable discounts on Nintendo Switch consoles, Switch Lite, Joy-Cons, and games galore. In terms of games, you can get titles like Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Tennis Aces, and Super Mario Party for $39.99 each at participating retailers. And the retailers that are participating are Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and GameStop, so the deals are pretty much everywhere.

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The Best Black Friday 2019 TV Deals (Updated)

Black Friday 2019 has been well under way, but Friday is finally here and with it come even better deals that Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Dell have been holding back. Although most of the Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Sony Black Friday sales already started, the individual vendors are starting to release their own discounts on top of these sales. For those of you who have waited until now, get ready for the best Black Friday TV deals of 2019. Whether you’re looking for a Vizio or TCL QLED TV or a LG or Sony OLED, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Black Friday TV Deals So Far

Best Black Friday 2019 Laptop Deals (Updated)

Black Friday 2019 has commenced and many vendors, including Amazon, Walmart, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Best Buy have already dished out some excellent Black Friday laptop deals. We”ve listed only the best deals here and they cover several different makes and models, including Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, MSI, Lenovo, and Apple. You can score a deal on an inexpensive little Chromebook or a ridiculously powerful Intel Core i9 RTX 2080 equipped mobile workstation..There’s much less risk when you buy now, since most purchases are covered by a holiday return policy that expires in mid to late January.

We’ll be continually adding to this list of Black Friday laptops as more go live.

Our 5 Best Black Friday Laptop Deals

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Get a MacBook Air for Just $649 for Black Friday at Amazon

Black Friday is actually, officially, undeniably here, and the chances to save at Amazon are great. I’ve been following Amazon’s deals since last week, when they kicked off a massive week of savings with the $199 PS4 Slim console bundle. There have been thousands of deals going live since last week, but today we’re in the actual Black Friday Amazon event. One of the best places to find great Amazon Black Friday Deals is by paying close attention to Amazon’s Lightning Deals page. Those are the quick, super limited deals with start and end times.

Amazon Black Friday Best Deals (Updated)

Here are the best deals happening at Amazon right now. These are current and, like the rest of this article, are being updated whenever something changes, like the PS4 Slim 1TB bundle going in and out of stock.

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The Top 23 Most Popular Deals of Black Friday 2019

Black Friday is still going on right now, but things are winding down pretty rapidly. Some of the best Black Friday deals started almost a week ago, and they’ve been either expiring or going out of stock over the course of today. In fact, the disappearance of the best Black Friday sale items is doing nothing but accelerating, and that includes many of the most popular items.

We’ve been tracking Black Friday deals for a while now, and the actual savings kicked off last Saturday with the launch of the $199 PS4 Slim bundles at major retailers. Since then, we’ve gathered data on literally millions of pageviews from right here on IGN and put together a list of the biggest and most popular deals of Black Friday 2019.

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Black Friday Deal: Get Godzilla: Showa-Era Film Collection on Blu-ray for $112

If you are looking for Black Friday sales to take advantage of, I have a great deal for the movie lovers out there. Right now you can get the entire Showa-era Criterion Collection of Godzilla films for just $112 on Amazon.

Black Friday Deal: Godzilla: The Showa-Era Films (1954-1975 – The Criterion Collection – Blu-ray) for $112

If you are a huge Godzilla fan, this is an excellent collection to have. Get every Godzilla film from 1954 to 1975 (15 films total) in the Criterion Collection of the Showa-Era films on Amazon for just $112 and get free delivery.

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Black Friday Deal: Get Avatar – The Last Airbender: The Complete Series on Blu-ray for $19

Black Friday savings abound and right now you can score a great deal on anime. Head over to Amazon and you can get the entire series of Avatar: The Last Airbender for just $19, down from the usual retail price of $44.99.

Black Friday Deal: Avatar – The Last Airbender: The Complete Series on Blu-ray for $19

If you are an anime fan, you can get one of the most iconic series of all time in a comprehensive 9-disc Blu-ray box set of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Amazon. While it’s normally $44.99, you can get the entire series for just $19, along with free delivery.

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Save up to 50% on Board Games for Black Friday Right Now

Black Friday is beginning to wind down, with some of the best Black Friday deals running out of either time or stock. The UCS LEGO Millennium Falcon was 40% off for Black Friday and only lasted minutes on Amazon before all the orders were claimed. If you’re a board game fan looking to save money, there are some great opportunities still live right now.

Amazon Black Friday Board Game Deals

Best Amazon Black Friday Deal: Gloomhaven Board Game

This is the lowest price, ever, for Gloomhaven. Normally I get excited when it’s on sale for $100, so for it to be marked down to just $86.50 is really amazing. It’s extremely rare for Gloomhaven to see such a substantial savings, and this price runs out today, so if you want this amazing board game, grab it right now.

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