Hearthstone Card Reveal: This is the Legendary You’ll Get Ahead of the Next Expansion!

Hearthstone fans don’t have to long to wait until the next expansion – Rise of Shadows – drops, but we’ll actually be getting a little taste of what’s in store ahead of the April 9 (April 10 in ANZ) release date. Yes, much as players were given a copy of Marin the Fox ahead of the release of Kobolds & Catacombs, we’re getting a free legendary minion ahead of Rise of Shadows.

Who is this minion? IGN has the exclusive reveal:

And it's free! And it’s free!

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Daily Deals: Preorder the Sega Genesis Mini, 10% Off Deadhaus Sonata

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Enter for a Chance to Win Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Welcome to Daily Win, our way of giving back to the IGN community. To thank our awesome audience, we’re giving away a new game each day to one lucky winner. Be sure to check IGN.com every day to enter in each new giveaway.

Today we’re giving away Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for PS4. To enter into this sweepstake, fill out the form below. You must be at least 18 years old and a legal U.S. resident to enter. Today’s sweepstake will end at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Entries entered after this time will not be considered. 


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Our Spoiler-Free Thoughts on Agents of SHIELD’s Season 6 Premiere

This is a spoiler-free early review of the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 6 premiere, which was shown to fans at WonderCon ahead of its May 10 debut.

Agents of SHIELD fans at WonderCon got a Marvel-ous treat; not only was the show’s Season 6 premiere date (May 10) announced, they also got an early look at the season opener, which was directed by series star Clark Gregg.

If you’ve already caught the Season 6 trailers that Marvel and ABC have been running since January, it’s no spoiler to say that while our beloved Agent Phil Coulson is (as far as we know), truly, officially dead following the events of Season 5, Clark Gregg still shows up on camera, as well as behind it. Coulson appears as a hologram giving Mac leadership advice, but we’re also introduced to a mysterious man in black who shares Coulson’s face but, when challenged that he’s “from SHIELD,” coldly retorts, “never heard of it.”

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Godzilla: King Of Monsters Aims To Put The “God” Back In “Godzilla”

Fans at Wondercon were treated to an extended look at Godzilla: King of the Monsters, featuring the awakening of King Gidorah from his icy prison as Vera Farmiga and Millie Bobbie Brown look on from the relative safety of a military base. As Gidorah breaks out, he uses his lightning breath to obliterate soldiers–just in time for Godzilla to arrive on the scene.

Of course, the footage cuts before the two can actually clash–but not before Gidorah gets to strike an incredibly iconic pose with his wings and three heads splayed for full effect–and, trust us, it looks and sounds absolutely amazing. Even for someone not completely steeped in vintage Toho lore, there will always be something awe-inspiring about a giant, golden, three-headed dragon in any context at all, let alone facing off against the world’s most famous reptile.

The context of the scene made it look like Godzilla was coming to the rescue of the humans, but director Michael Doughtery explained that the everyone’s favorite kaiju’s morality is not so easily distilled into good and evil.

“Godzilla is a god, right? He’s not good or bad. I think the big question is are we–as in the humans–good guys or bad guys? And that will affect how Godzilla reacts to us on any given day. The final shot we see of Gidorah on a volcano? The genesis of that moment is actually the Book of Revelations. We really wanted to put the ‘god’ back into Godzilla with this movie.”

Doughtery continued, “We wanted to treat them with the reverence we think they deserve. Mothra isn’t just a giant moth, she’s a goddess. That’s how I always saw them growing up–not as puppets, but as deities.”

Speaking of puppets–the classic, practical monsters are definitely a thing of the past. The creatures here in Godzilla: King of the Monsters are motion captured, which was an important part of their development according to Doughtery. “Gidorah’s three heads had to have their own personalities. When we were doing motion capture, we took three separate actors and bound them together as one creature. It was like a modern day version of the man-in-a-suit process.”

The visual effects aren’t the only thing that got a major update–the kaiju sound effects were also heavily considered. “I think the creatures are like musical instruments, they have very particular noises, screeches, roars. We worked really closely with the sound designers,” Doughtery explained. “We went out and recorded wild animals–turtles, even. Turns out turtles make really amazing noises. Rattlesnakes, vultures, owls–they have to sound like themselves.”

The majesty of the kaiju is all in service to a very human story, Doughtery assured. The monsters are the star of the show, but the movie is actually going to focus on a family. “A lot of it is about a family who survived the first Godzilla attack, so this is about how they cope with trauma and also giant monsters.” He laughed. “We used to call this movie Kramer vs Kramer vs Godzilla, but Warner didn’t like that too much.”

Despite the tragic loss of that amazing gag title, Godzilla: King of the Monsters is more than ready to bring the thunder to theaters this May 31.

We Saw Godzilla Battle King Ghidorah and It Was Crazy

Warning! Spoilers for exclusive Godzilla: King of the Monsters footage at WonderCon 2019 below. 

In a packed arena at the Anaheim Convention Center, fans eagerly awaited Warner Bros. presentation for its upcoming slate of films. And while there were cheers and applause for Annabelle Comes Home (check out the new trailer) and Shazam! (read our review), the Godzilla footage we saw was… “Something special.” Those words were spoken by Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Michael Dougherty before the footage played. And he was right!

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