Fast & Furious 9: Trailer Reactions To Han’s Return

The trailer for Fast & Furious 9 has arrived. Officially titled “F9,” the new video is bonkers. It features John Cena play Dominic Toretto’s brother, a car swinging like Tarzan from a rope, and the return of a fan-favorite character who supposedly died years ago, Han Lue also known as Han Seoul-Oh.

Reprising the role of the snacky speedster is Sung Kang, and the last time we saw him is when he died during the mid-credit sequence of Fast & Furious 6, even if said events happened during Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift. Yes, the Fast Saga’s timeline is a little confusing, but just for that movie.

The surprise return of the supposedly dead character had many fans of the Fast Saga talking on Twitter. As a huge fan of the series, myself, I somehow found the strength and courage to tweet out this very thought-provoking message to the world.

I wasn’t the only person losing my mind over what is easily the best and silliest trailer for any of the Fast Saga movies. Plenty of people are excited about Han’s return, and here are just a few of the thousands of reactions on social media to Han snacking away.

Does this mean I should start calling GameSpot’s Tamoor Hussain “Dom” from now on? We feel sad for those poor souls who have never gazed upon the glory that is the Fast Saga. If you know someone who hasn’t seen them, please help them see the light.

GameSpot’s Phil Hornshaw wants answers, or maybe he just wants Han to have sweet super-powers like Idris Elba’s character did in Hobbs & Shaw–the Fast Saga spin-off that completely jumped the rails in the best way possible.

ComicBook’s Jamie Jirak and I are feeling the same exact way right now.

Alexander, your reaction is completely warrented. You should have no regrets about this.

I like how this person thinks. It really doesn’t matter how Han came back. What is important is that he is back.

I would have to agree. If you told me, in real life, that John Cena and Vin Diesel were brothers, I would laugh. However, if you told me they were brothers in the Fast & Furious Universe, I’d say, “How many minutes apart were they born from each other?”

This Oprah gif is a perfect reflection of how we all felt when we saw Han.

It was very much an emotional moment for us all. Sometimes, it’s hard to put into words how we feel about Han gracing us with his presence on the big screen once again. You know what else is hard? Finding good tweets about Han that don’t have swearing in them.

Han returns to the Fast Saga and presumably stars in F9, which arrives in theaters on May 22.

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