VR Headset Specs Compared: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR, And More

There’s a wide selection of VR headsets out on the market, which can make it difficult to parse which one is right for you with varied pricing and spec information. That’s why we’ve compiled comprehensive lists below that break down resolution, refresh rate, and other specs across all the major VR headsets. We’ve separated our lists by four categories: major VR headsets, Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets, mobile VR headsets, and all-in-one mobile solutions that don’t require external hardware.

Horizon Zero Dawn Wins Writers Guild Award

The winners of this year’s Writers Guild of America awards have been announced, rewarding movies, video games and TV categories for their writing.

Guerilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn won the WGA for best video game writing, beating Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Madden NFL 18: Longshot, and Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

When it came to TV and film, Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale won both the Best Drama and New Series categories. Veep won Best Comedy Series, and Bojack Horseman’s “Time’s Arrow” episode won in the Animation category. Jordan Peele’s Get Out won the award for Best Original Screenplay.

“As writers who care deeply about the craft of telling stories, it’s incredibly exciting for us to be receiving this award in the company of so many other writers whose work we admire and appreciate,” said narrative director, John Gonzalez, who accepted the award on behalf of Guerilla Games along with lead writer Benjamin McCaw, reports GamesIndustry.biz.

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Assassin’s Creed: Ubisoft Concentrating on Origins Rather Than a New Game

Ubisoft is “concentrating at the moment” on Assassin’s Creed: Origins, rather than a new entry in the once-annual franchise.

Replying to an earnings call question asking if the series would return to a new-game-a-year release schedule, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said:

“We are concentrating at the moment on AC:O, for which we are going to launch a few other DLCs. So you will be amazed by what will come on AC:O. That’s the only thing we can say now.”

Guillemot went into some depth about the success of Origins, explaining that it is “is on track to almost double players’ playtime versus prior Assassin’s Creed titles”. Ubisoft Executive Director Alain Corre called it “the successful comeback of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.”

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The Best Bluetooth Earbuds

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Bluetooth – the great unifier. Back in the 90s the Bluetooth protocol was created so different electronics could talk wirelessly to one another. It’s named after a tenth-century king, Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson, who unified a bunch of Danish tribes into a kingdom and no, that is not a joke. And it does precisely what its namesake did, but with electronics instead of tribes. Using the Bluetooth standard electronics such as computers, phones, speakers, PlayStation controllers, light bulbs, cars, and of course, earbuds can communicate.

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Netflix Surprise Announces New Chris Rock Stand-Up Special

Netflix has announced another surprise reveal, and this one is a new Chris Rock stand-up special called Tamborine.

The comedian’s first stand-up special in ten years, in which he covers the gamut of contemporary issues, premieres on Netflix tomorrow, February 14. Chris Rock: Tamborine is directed by Bo Burnham and filmed at New York’s Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Rock posted a short video announcement on Twitter, which you can watch below:

Dragon Ball FighterZ: PC Player Base Drops By 80%

Dragon Ball FighterZ released a little over two weeks ago, and quickly became the most-played fighting game in Steam’s history, with 44.3k active players at launch. Since then, however, the player base has quickly plummeted, dropping by 80%.

GitHyp reports that the concurrent player count for the last weekend was just over 9,000 on Steam, meaning that 80% of the PC player base dropped off in two weeks post-launch.

By comparison, the previous Steam record holder, Tekken 7 – which amassed 18.k players on Steam at launch – lost the same percentage of players over the course of two months.

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Bandai Namco to “Aggressively” Create Original IP

Bandai Namco’s future plans include “aggressively” creating new and original IP.

In the company’s Q3 financial report it announced the creation of a new “IP Creation Unit”, which will sit alongside divisions for toys, videos and music, amusement, and games. The unit will “invest aggressively in IP creations,” and won’t just focus on video games.

To facilitate the creation of new IP, Bandai Namco is investing 25 billion yen (approximately $232 million USD) over the next three years “on top of its normal investments”.

The upcoming Code Vein is the company’s next new IP – and it sounds like it’s just the beginning. The company is also currently rumoured to be working on Ridge Racer 8 and Metroid Prime 4 for Switch.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 Review: Not All Games Should Go Open-World

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s 21-year-old Dynasty Warriors series has never been a series known to step outside its comfort zone, but Dynasty Warriors 9 is not your typical Dynasty Warriors game. For the first time, the developers have retired the tried-and-true segmented mission structure in favor of a large, open-world map with missions, points of interest, and random activities scattered sparsely about. But if this is the vision of what a modern Dynasty Warriors game is, then I’d prefer a flashback to the series’ more focused and co-op friendly past instead.

Combat in Dynasty Warriors 9 is its simplest joy, and at its height it’s like a ballet of beautiful, high-flying violence. I’ve shot tornadoes out of swords that wrecked an entire battlefield, juggling dozens of enemies in the air. I’ve rained ice and fire from the sky with the point of my finger. I’ve even created a vortex of electric storms that erupted all around me during a flurry of sword slashes. The shouts of enemies in agony, my allies supporting me, and the sounds of my attacks rampaging through the battlefield meld together with the rocking soundtrack.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Black Panther DLC Revealed

Before Black Panther hits theaters, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 players can dive into content based on the latest MCU film starting today.

IGN can exclusively reveal a first look at the Black Panther Movie Character and Level Pack, available today for the game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Available for $2.99 (£2.49 on PS4 and Steam, and at £2.39 on Xbox One) or as part of the game’s season pass, the Black Panther pack’s level is set in the Kingdom of Wakanda. Black Panther and his sister SHuri set out to battle Erik Kilmonger and his army.

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