Fortnite Guide: How To Build Effectively In Battle Royale

Since the launch of its Battle Royale mode last year, Fortnite‘s popularity has exploded. That’s no doubt thanks in part to being free-to-play, but while it follows the same basic format as other games in the increasingly popular sub-genre, it does offer a unique twist with its building mechanics. At the press of a button, you can build walls, floors, and stairs, and that ability is key to success.

However, with no tutorial and players eager to kill you, actually getting the hang of building is not especially easy. Building can generate a lot of noise, which invariably attracts unwanted attention. To help you get started, we’ve put together the video above in which we run through the basics of gathering materials and building. We cover both the small so-called “panic forts” that you’ll build during the course of a match to protect yourself, as well as the towers that are frequently used at the end of a game.

In the video, you’ll also get a look at the recently added minigun. Epic continues to make changes and add new content to Battle Royale, some of which can have a significant effect on building. The minigun is one such case, as it makes for an ideal way to rapidly destroy the cover that enemies are hiding behind.

A new update for Fortnite introduced the Crossbow, which, while packing unlimited ammo, doesn’t offer the kind of firepower that’s ideal for demolishing structures. It does, however, allow for stealthy takedowns, something that can provide you with a real edge. We’ll have more tips and guides for Fortnite soon, but in the meantime, check out Battle Royale’s new skins and upcoming Valentine’s Day-themed content.