Payday 2 Waiting for Nintendo Permission to Use Voice Chat on Switch

Publisher Starbreeze Studios has said it’s waiting on Nintendo to be able to use the company’s companion VOIP app for Payday 2.

Kotaku reports Payday 2, which relies heavily on communication due to its cooperative nature, will eventually use the Nintendo Switch Online App to facilitate voice chat-in game, pending Nintendo’s permission.

“We are waiting to be able to participate in Nintendo’s VOIP app solution,” Starbreeze Studios told Kotaku “As soon as we are given the go-ahead, this is definitely on our list to look into to update.”

Nintendo consoles have famously not included any means of voice chat between players while in-game. The Switch is no different on its own but does work with the Nintendo Switch Online App, which came out last July, to use voice chat for compatible games.

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