E3 2018: Check Out Star Fox’s Arwing In Starlink: Battle For Atlas Gameplay

Ubisoft’s E3 2018 press conference was a varied and, at times, surreal experience, but seeing Star Fox on the company’s stage was one of the biggest surprises of the day. Fox McCloud and his Arwing ship are coming to Ubisoft’s new toys-to-life game Starlink: Battle For Atlas as exclusive content for the game’s Nintendo Switch version.

We got to play with the Arwing at a Ubisoft E3 event, and it’s just as customizable as the other ships in Starlink: you can place other characters from the game inside the Arwing’s cockpit, you can add new weapons to the ship, and you can even give it new wings. All of this is reflected in the game as it is with the toy in front of you, with each new piece adding different stats. The more weapons you add, for example, the heavier your ship becomes, making it sturdier but also less agile.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas launches on October 16 for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but the Starfox toys and in-game content are exclusive to the Switch version. For more on the game, check out our piece on why it’s toys-to-life with a twist.

Ubisoft’s E3 2018 press conference also showed us a new Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer, and the company also announced a bunch of free The Division 2 DLC. Finally, we got a glimpse of a new Trials game named Trials Rising.