Check Out 6 Cool Indie Games From E3 2018 For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

E3 2018 has come and gone, and as promised, it featured a ton of announcements, trailers, and other exciting reveals. But while the show was dominated primarily by triple-A titles such as The Last of Us: Part II, Cyberpunk 2077, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, those certainly weren’t the only interesting games we had an opportunity to see during the expo.

Amid the many press conferences, bombastic trailers, and lengthy gameplay demonstrations showcased during E3 were a number of clever, intriguing, and touching efforts from smaller and lesser-known studios that were easy to overlook in the general bustle of the show. Thanks to related events like Indie Mix, however, these titles got a chance to stand apart from the crowd and capture our attention with their unique ideas and distinctive styles.

Below, you can find gameplay videos of six interesting and unique indie games we got a chance to play during E3 2018, from the rougelike real-time strategy game Bad North to the bizarre What the Golf? and the emotional, cyberpunk-inspired narrative adventure Neo Cab. For a look at even more interesting titles you may not have heard of, be sure to check out our gallery of the 21 best games you may have missed from E3 2018.

Bad North

Bad North from developer Plausible Concept is a Viking-themed tactical game that blends together real-time strategy gameplay with rougelike elements. The title’s charming art style belies its unforgiving nature, as any commander you lose during a skirmish is gone permanently. Bad North is slated to launch later this year for PC, consoles, and mobile.


Bit Kid’s Chasm is a sprawling side-scrolling adventure game set in a medieval fantasy world. Boasting a beautifully retro visual style and procedurally generated areas to explore, Chasm casts players in the role of a new recruit of the Guildean Kingdom, who embarks on a mission to discover why townspeople have begun disappearing. The game is coming later this year to PS4, PC, and Vita.


Darq is a psychological horror game about lucid dreaming. Developed by Unfold Games, the title follows the story of Lloyd, a young boy whose dream takes a dark turn. He must manipulate the logic of the dream world and use stealth to overcome obstacles, avoid horrific enemies, and survive the darkest corners of his subconscious. Darq will release for PC later this year, with a console release potentially following later.

Neo Cab

Neo Cab from developer Chance Agency is narrative game that casts players in the role of Lina, the last human driver in the cyberpunk-inspired city of Los Ojos. Lina’s friend mysteriously vanishes, and it falls to players to maintain her driver rating–and livelihood–by deciding which passengers to pick up and how to interact with them while Lina searches for her friend’s whereabouts. Neo Cab doesn’t yet have a release date, but the game is in development for PC and Mac.

What the Golf?

Billed by developer Triband as a “golf game for people who hate golf,” What the Golf? is a ridiculous, physics-based title that takes the basic idea behind the sport–hitting a ball into a hole–in a variety of outlandish directions. It begins like a standard game of golf, but soon players will find themselves smacking the ball into toasters, steering a car, and even putting a house. The game is coming later this summer to PC.

Where the Bees Make Honey

Where the Bees Make Honey is a beautiful isometric puzzle game reminiscent of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Players must guide Sunny, a young girl dressed like a bee, around diorama-like worlds, which can be rotated to gain a different perspective and discover unseen objects. The game spans four seasons, each of which has its own puzzles, while its story unfolds through cutscenes that punctuate every world. Where the Bees Make Honey will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2019.