First Look at Magic: The Gathering’s Powerful New Dragon God

IGN is excited to officially reveal three new cards from Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming War of the Spark set, all centered around the imposing and notorious Nicol Bolas.

Watch the exclusive video from Wizards of the Coast at the top of the page to get a first glimpse at “Deliver Unto Evil, “The Elderspell,” and the planeswalker “Nicol Bolas, Dragon God” himself, hosted by The Command Zone’s Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai as well as Kyle Hill from Because Science.

I also spoke to Dave Humpherys, MTG’s Principal Game Designer, about why they decided to go with this card design for War of the Spark’s Nicol Bolas. Humpherys said they liked this iteration because it “felt true to Bolas and the story here.”

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