Black Mirror Season 5 Trailer And Release Date Revealed

Black Mirror Season 5 is coming very soon. Netflix has announced that the latest season of the highly acclaimed sci-fi anthology series will be released on June 5. The first trailer has been released.

The trailer reveals that the new season will consist of just three episodes. Among the stars we can expect to see in the new season are Marvel star Anthony Mackie, Andrew Scott, who is best known for his role in Sherlock and recent Bond movies, and pop star Miley Cyrus. It looks like another sinister, visually stunning exploration of the dangers of technology, with some crazy-looking imagery in there. Watch it above, then check out our full trailer breakdown.

This will be the first release from the show since the interactive special Bandersnatch, which hit the service in December 2018. Prior to that, Season 4 was released in December 2017. For more on Black Mirror, check out our look at the most WTF moments in Season 4 and all the Season 4 Easter Eggs.