Wonder Woman: Check Out An Exclusive Preview Of Issue #71

G. Willow Wilson and Xermanico are continuing to explore the trials and tribulations of Princess Diana in the pages of DC Entertainment’s Wonder Woman with issue #71, the third part of the “Love Is A Battlefield” story arc that began with April’s Wonder Woman #69. Below you can take an early exclusive look at the first four pages of the comic book before it’s released next week.

“Love Is A Battlefield” continues the story of Atlantiades, the androgynous child of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Cast out of Olympus, Atlantiades has made their home in the small town of Summergrove and done what gods and goddess are wont to do–inspired a cult of love-crazed townsfolk. Entranced by Atlantiades, desire personified, the otherwise quiet townspeople have succumbed to fervor in which nothing–not work, not family, not health or safety–can stand in the way of their hedonistic drives for happiness and pleasure. For Atlantiades, Summergrove is a utopia–but for Diana and her companions, the town stands at a dangerous tipping point with lives and livelihoods at stake.

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Luckily, Aphrodite herself is more than happy to step in to help put a stop to her child’s careless meddling in the affairs of humanity–even if that means stirring up some serious familial drama along the way.

One part mythological epic, one part quaint American drama, “Love Is A Battlefield” explores the complicated, confusing intersections between finding happiness and maintaining order which might just be the most challenging lesson a desire-powered demigod will ever have to learn.

Wonder Woman #71 hits shelves next Wednesday, May 22.