Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Review

Nintendo has long been known as a master of the unexpected, and every direct has included one surprise or another. I feel like Nintendo outdid themselves this time, though — both for better and worse. Animal Crossing getting delayed into next year was a gut punch I thought I’d never recover from, but once I was dazzled by Banjo-Kazooie’s fakeout reveal for Smash Bros., and the bombshell of a Breath of the Wild sequel, I was floored.

Nintendo has stuck with a recent trend of teasing expectations with a bunch of quick looks and trailers to get you interested, while luring you into watching deeper dives into select games shown on their Treehouse livestream right after the direct. The result is either awesome or a bit frustrating, depending on your schedule. With the big spread on Pokemon Sword and Shield covered last week, the direct was free to focus on many more titles than we could have possibly expected, and we even got a nice (and funny) introduction to the new President of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser.

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