Multiple Sexual Misconduct Allegations Rock the Fighting Game Community Following Evo 2019

The fighting game community is reeling today after several accusations of sexual misconduct were made against different prominent members of the community.

Several Allegations Regarding Sexual Misconduct Have Come to Light

The allegations began last night when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Davon “Promaelia” Crawley published a confession on Twitter. Crawley admitted to two separate occasions of violating “the personal boundaries of two adults through uninvited sexual contact” while intoxicated under the effects of alcohol.

“There was never any retribution, but sexual assault doesn’t just vanish from people’s minds,” Crawley wrote. “Especially from the minds of the people who see me every week, who knew that every month something new popped up on the timeline while I remained unaffected – it could only go unaddressed for so long.”

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