5 Assassins Who Are Killing It

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For Ray Shoesmith, being a hitman is just another day at the office. In Mr. Inbetween (Season 2 premieres September 12, at 10 on FX), Ray is balancing his “criminal for hire” employment with being a dad, brother and boyfriend. His job is demanding; requiring a personally defined code of ethics, the ability to operate in a shadowy world and the sense to not care what people think. And that’s just to get out of bed in the morning. After that, he still has to pick his kid up from school, take care of his brother, and try to find a shirt without blood stains for tonight’s date. Honestly, the guy should take some “me” time and relax sometimes. Play a video game. Have a cup of coffee. Heck, maybe these five assassins can meet up with Mr. Inbetween, grab a drink, and talk about what made them fall in love with the job in the first place.

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