King Thor Begins an Epic Marvel Finale

With all the changes the comic book industry has endured in the past seven years, we’ve always been able to count on Jason Aaron writing some of the best Thor comics ever published. Sadly, even that has to come to an end eventually. King Thor serves as the final chapter in a long, sprawling saga that began way back in 2012’s Thor: God of Thunder. And with the full God of Thunder creative team back in action, this is shaping up to be a finale worthy of the thunder god himself.

With War of the Realms finished, Aaron has essentially wrapped up his present-day Thor story already. The Odinson overcame his unworthiness, reforged Mjolnir and succeeded Odin as the Allfather of Asgard. All that’s left at this point is to wrap up the unfinished tale of old King Thor in the far future. This cranky old god and his granddaughters may have restored life on Earth but the universe around them is dead and barren. Worse, Loki has merged with All-Black the Necrosword and is determined to finally kill his brother after countless millennia of trying.

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