Death Stranding – How Timefall And Weather Works

Death Stranding introduces and layers a number of concepts and gameplay mechanics on top of each other, and one of the most important to grasp and manage is the weather systems. Chief among these is Timefall, a dangerous type of rain that degrades items you’re carrying much faster than usual–as if time itself is moving faster.

In the video above, we take a closer look at how the Timefall system works and how to best manage it–from finding shelter in the early game to cargo loading strategies. You can’t ever make yourself totally impervious to Timefall, but as the game progresses you’ll find yourself much more capable at handling yourself in it.

But degrading equipment isn’t the only threat posed by the weather in Death Stranding. In addition to Timefall management strategies, we also go over what it means when you see the clouds turn dark and inky (hint: nothing good) and how to navigate the treacherous snowy mountains to the north. Be ready.