The Mandalorian Season Finale – 11 Star Wars References & Easter Eggs

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Pokemon Go’s Hatchathon Event Returns This Week

Pokemon Go is ringing in the new year with a bunch of events, the first of which kicks off this week. Starting January 2, the egg-centric Hatchathon event returns, giving you a chance to earn extra bonuses and hatch a few special Pokemon for a limited time.

Throughout the Hatchathon, you’ll be able to earn extra Stardust, Rare Candies, and other rewards like the Unova Stone when you walk certain distances. The Unova Stone is a particularly enticing reward as it is typically hard to come by in the game and is necessary to evolve certain Gen 5 Pokemon such as Lampent.

On top of that, Serebii reports that you’ll earn twice the usual amount of Candy and Stardust each time you hatch a Pokemon, and you’ll have a chance to hatch party hat-wearing versions of Pichu and Wurmple from 2 km eggs. Party hat Pikachu will also spawn in the wild, while party hat Raticate and Wobbuffet will appear in two-star Raids.

The Hatchathon runs until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on January 16. You can read more details about the event on the official Pokemon Go website. In the meantime, Niantic has rolled out another Team Rocket Special Research questline, which leads to a chance to battle Giovanni and catch a Shadow version of Moltres.

There’s also still time to catch Pokemon Go’s current Legendary, Virizion, which is scheduled to leave five-star Raid Battles on January 7. Following Virizion’s departure, the Gen 4 Legendary Heatran will return to Raids until February 4, and this time you’ll have a chance to encounter its Shiny form. You can catch up on other Pokemon Go news below.

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Nioh 2: Release Date, Gameplay, Combat, Pre-Order Details, And Everything We Know

Nioh proved a fantastic iteration of the massively popular Souls-like genre. At the same time, it marked a return for its developer, Team Ninja, who struggled for years to create an action game experience that rivaled the quality of its work on the original Ninja Gaiden. In 2020, the studio is looking to continue that success by releasing Nioh 2.

The upcoming sequel looks to improve upon the first in a variety of ways, as well as change things up. Below we’ve compiled everything we know about Nioh 2, including its release date, story details, how its combat is changing, and a lot more.

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Story And Characters

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Like its predecessor, Nioh 2 is set during the Sengoku period of Japanese history–this time in the year 1555, which is at the height of this era of near-constant military conflict and social upheaval. Thus, Nigh 2 serves as a prequel to the first game, and this time you play as the offspring of a human and a yokai (supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore) who goes on to become a nameless mercenary that battles hostile yokai. But with great power comes great responsibility, so it’s not long before you become embroiled in the more significant conflict sweeping across Japan. Early summaries describing the game’s story indicate that you’ll be encountering several real-life historical figures, including Oda Nobunaga, Maeda Toshiie, Masakatsu Hachisuka, and more.

Though what’s most interesting about Nioh 2’s story is the fact that the protagonist seems to be one half of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a famous historical figure who left an influential and lasting legacy on the country’s history during the Sengoku period–suggesting a fictional explanation that Hideyoshi is actually two different people. Currently, there are more questions than answers, so time will tell what this is all about!

Release Date

Nioh 2 is scheduled to release on March 14, 2020. It’ll be a timed-exclusive for PS4 up until November when it’ll then launch for PC.

Create Your Own Legendary Samurai

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Unlike the original, you create and customize your protagonist, so you’re free to choose your own gender and customize a host of other cosmetic characteristics. Based on the recent beta, it seems you can touch up your character’s appearance at any time after starting the game. It’s also possible to generate a shareable code that other players can use to take on your character’s appearance in their game.

New Combat Possibilities

Nioh 2’s combat looks to build upon the original in significant ways by expanding the abilities available. Your character’s unique half-yokai bloodline affords you a host of devastating supernatural powers, such as the ability to summon demons and even transform into one yourself for a limited time. All of these abilities are tied to unlocks on an extensive set of skill trees; Nioh 2 doesn’t feature one branching tree, but several–one for each weapon and playstyle in the game. There are tons of abilities you can invest in to tailor your character to your exact combat specifications.

Currently, we know there are four main playstyle categories: Ninja, Samurai, Onmyo Magic, and a new one called Shiftling. As you can imagine, the Shiftling playstyle focuses on increasing the potency and power of yokai abilities.

In terms of weapon types, everything from the first game is back, which includes: Sword, Dual Swords, Axe, Kusarigama, Spear, Tonfa, and the Odachi. Though, there are two new additions this time: the Dual Hatchets and the Switchglaive. The Dual Hatchets allows for quick combat attacks that can quickly close the distance, while the Switchglaive is essentially a Bloodborne-like weapon that can transform into various configurations, each with different attacks.

How Will Multiplayer Work?

Cooperative play is returning in Nioh 2, and this time you can have two friends join you instead of one. All this has us questioning just how tough the enemies and bosses will get in Nioh 2, but for now, we’ll settle for not thinking about it until the time comes, and we’re being killed hundreds of times, which will undoubtedly leave us with no choice but to call on the help of friends.

Other Major Additions

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The original Nioh’s world was a smattering of ravaged shrines and villages, which didn’t offer much in terms of visuals to make your journey through Japan that memorable. The demons you fought also lacked intrigue and were often repetitive in design. Based on early trailers, Team Ninja seems to be addressing these issues in the sequel. There are more intriguing otherworldly locales; your character is capable of traversing the demonic realm this time. And it appears there’s a larger cast of gruesome foes to slay, like a terrifying anthropomorphic horse creature and a fiery cat-lady demon with wagon wheels for legs.

The first game was pretty rough which isn’t bad, but it made for some frustrating moments early on. For less-skilled players, there exists a new feature in Nioh 2 called Benevelot Graves. These are essentially a friendly version of the Bloody Graves from the first game. But instead of summoning a hostile AI version of another player, it brings into your world a friendly one that can tag along with you as a companion.

Will My Nioh 1 Save Date Transfer?

Team Ninja has confirmed that you will get a bonus in the final version of Nioh 2 if you have a save from the first game. However, the specific benefits you’ll get from loading your old data are still unknown. But there is one entertaining bonus you may be able to get already…

Can You Play As William?

Despite being a prequel, you can play as Nioh 1 protagonist William in Nioh 2. During the previous beta, if you had a save from the first game, you could gain access to a cosmetic skin that turns your character into William. Whether or not this fun nod the original makes it into the final game remains unclear.

When’s The Next Beta?

The last Nioh 2 beta took place in November 2019. Team Ninja has not announced plans for another beta in the coming future, but if the studio handles things as it did with the first game, there’s a chance there will be a final demo for Nioh 2 a few weeks before launch.

How Do I Pre-order?

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There are two versions of Nioh 2 available for pre-order: standard and the special edition. Priced at $60 USD at major retailers, the standard edition is just the game. However, pre-ordering it will net you bonus DLC, which includes the Hades armor set, a Sudama Netsuke charm, and an exclusive PS4 theme and avatar set.

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On the other hand, the special edition costs $80 and nets you the game, the DLC mentioned above, a steelbook case, the season pass, and an artbook. Currently, you can only pre-order it on GameStop and Best Buy.

The Best TV Shows of the Decade

To say the TV landscape has changed in the past decade is the understatement of a lifetime. With the boom of streaming services and rise of quote/unquote Peak TV, there are literally more TV series being released in 2019 than there are days this year.

But looking back at the last 10 years, it’s easy to see why: The medium of television is delivering some of its best content ever, even rivaling film in terms of quality and execution.

So your friendly neighborhood IGN entertainment team took on the daunting task of narrowing down what we consider to be the best 100 TV shows of the past 10 years. But a few things to keep in mind before we begin: This is not a ranked list, but rather just the 100 TV shows we thought were the best of the decade. As such, we’ve listed the shows by year, and then by alphabetical order within each year. That said, please be sure to let us know what you think of our picks, and what faves of yours didn’t make our list!

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The Best Movies of the Decade

And just like that, we’re entering a new decade, and one that will hopefully bring us many great movies. But let us not forget the 2010s, and all the excellent films that were made over the past 10 years. Masterpieces from iconic filmmakers, surprise amazing debuts from new talent, superhero sagas that transcended the form, horror films that continue to freak us out, the return of dystopian heroes after a 30-year break… we’ve had it all.

IGN’s entertainment team got together and put together the following list of the best movies of the decade after much deliberation, lots of killing of darlings, and more than one Slack debate. We hope you enjoy reading this list as much as we enjoyed putting it together, and when you’re done here, why not go watch a few of these classic flicks too?

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NASA’s New Black Hole Simulation Mimics How Gravity Warps Light

Earlier this year, astronomers revealed the first real-life picture of a black hole. A few months ago, NASA also shared computer simulations that further detail how “a black hole warps spacetime like a funhouse mirror – and how that affects the appearance of its glowing accretion disk of infalling material.”

As reported by, the black hole located in the M87 galaxy’s first photo was an incredible albeit blurry and still image. These new computer simulations show so much more detail, including how the black hole’s “superstrong gravity bends light emanating from gas in the disk behind the black hole so that the disk’s far side seems to split into arcs above and below the abyss.”

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