Star Trek: Picard Episode 4 “Absolute Candor” Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Episode 4 was directed by Jonathan Frakes, who is also set to make an appearance this season as Will Riker. In this episode, we learn about the Qowat Milat, an all female Romulan religious order that helped Starfleet in the relocation of Romulan refugees. Picard (Patrick Stewart) had befriended some of the Qowat Milat and Elnor, an orphan boy being raised by the warrior nuns. After abandoning them when he left Starfleet, Picard directs Rios to take a detour to Vashti, and is reunited with the Qowat Milat and Elnor, who is now grown up.

Meanwhile on the Borg Artifact cube, Narek continues to try to learn more about Soji, while Narissa grows impatient with her brother’s lack of progress.

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