The Snyder Cut Is Proceeding To Shoot New Footage, Reunite Cast, Despite Allegations

It’s a very strange time for Justice League fans. While the highly anticipated Snyder Cut is definitely happening and bound for HBO Max as a four-part limited series, a troubling conversation has been brewing around the film’s original release back in 2017. Actor Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg, publicly called out Joss Wedon as well as executives Jon Berg and Geoff Johns for creating an abusive and hostile work environment after Snyder himself left the project in the wake of personal tragedy. Since then, his co-star Jason Momoa has also taken to social media in support of Fisher’s claims, calling for a full investigation by WarnerMedia.

Notably, Momoa also called out Warner Bros. themselves, stating that they released a “fake” release about his involvement in an animated Frosty the Snowman movie to distract from Fisher’s claims.

This has not seemed to affect the Snyder Cut’s production, however. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Snyder will still be getting the band back together to shoot new scenes exclusive to the Snyder Cut as early as October. The call sheet THR has obtained lists Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and notably, Fischer, to reprise their roles for what is scheduled as a week-long shoot.

Interestingly, Momoa is not mentioned–though, that could be for any number of reasons unrelated to the controversies.

THR also highlights the fact that Fisher is still in talks with Warner Bros. to make a cameo in the upcoming Flash solo movies, but negotiations have stalled out after a price was unable to be agreed upon. Momoa is currently preparing to shoot Aquaman 2 in early 2021.

The Snyder Cut will be released on HBO Max in 2021 under it’s official title, Justice League: The Director’s Cut.

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