Ambitious Dark Souls Sequel Mod Will Feature Bloodborne-Style Rally System

Four or five years ago, Dark Souls modding was in its infancy, with any modification requiring the use of hex editors and dodgy mod tools to implement. However, the modding community has come a long way in just a few short years, with 2019’s Daughters of Ash representing almost a total overhaul of the game, complete with new bosses and restored content cut from the original game. Now, the developers behind many of the most notable Dark Souls mods are teaming up to create what modder Grimrukh calls a “direct sequel” to Dark Souls 1, and it will feature a Bloodborne-style rally system.

Titled Dark Souls: Nightfall, the project would represent the most ambitious mod for Dark Souls ever, including an entirely remixed world map, an overhauled combat system based on the QuickSouls combat mod, and brand-new NPCs with voice acting. As the above tweet shows, modders like Meowmaritus are using complex code to implement a Bloodborne-esque rally system in the creaky Dark Souls 1 engine–when you take a hit, attacking your opponent will give you some of your health back.

It’s still unclear when Dark Souls: Nightfall will come out, though Grimrukh did say that it’s been in development for much of 2020. However, given that huge mod projects tend to take years to come out, it’s best to wait and see on this one. While we haven’t seen much in the way of a new Souls game recently, the Demon’s Souls PS5 remaster is on its way, and we’ve got all the info on it.

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