Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem Is Getting A Big Gameplay Rework Soon

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem launched earlier this year in a rough state, with numerous technical issues and some unbalanced gameplay souring a visually striking actionRPG. It’s been a while since developer Wolcen Studio provided an update on the game, but it turns out the studio has been working on the first part of a major gameplay and content update over the past few months.

Chronicle I: Bloodtrail is the first of these updates that will be entirely free for all Wolcen players, adding in new gameplay changes, economy updates, and content to the game. The update is said to be coming soon in the announcement on Steam, with specific details about the patch coming closer to release.

One change that Wolcen Studio did detail is the split this update will create moving forward. Any characters you currently have in Wolcen will be marked as “legacy”, while new ones will be tied to the new content. Since the entire economy is being reworked, Wolcen Studio will not allow players to trade between legacy and new characters, but will still support legacy play through a separate Legacy game mode that delivers the same experience pre-patch.

Since launch, Wolcen Studio has addressed critical bugs and performance issues across 17 patches, but says it has been quietly observing player feedback while crafting this new content.

“These last months, we’ve been preparing for Chronicle I: Bloodtrail, and although we chose to remain silent, we’ve been listening to your feedback and used them to enhance the game experience and improve the foundations of Wolcen,” the post reads.

Bloodtrail has a lot to remedy, however, as was made clear in GameSpot’s 4/10 Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem review at launch. “It has all the elements in place to become another engrossing time sink, but it doesn’t execute well enough on any of them to make it worthwhile,” reads the review.

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