Fe Review

For a game about communication, Fe can often be unclear. Its wordless, visually striking journey is filled with charming creatures to sing with, but its 3D platforming world can sometimes feel aimless. And while I enjoyed learning its musical languages, the short trip it took me on left me with the impression that Fe missed most of its best opportunities.

You play as a small, fox-like creature called a Fe, but what you’re doing in a forest under attack by strange robotic creatures isn’t entirely clear. The whole idea is to sing to form bonds with different animals, and eventually learn to sing their languages as well. Harmonizing with another creature is a cute moment, even if the process doesn’t really change at any point throughout Fe. Bonding with a dozen little lizards so that their mob would follow me around and excitedly sing along as I serenade other creatures can be extremely charming.

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A Look Back At Xenogears, 20 Years Later

Although these it’s not mentioned as often today as some of its contemporaries, Xenogears is nevertheless a cult-classic RPG. Released in 1998 for the original PlayStation by the company then known as Squaresoft, Xenogears set the stage for a series of games that continues today, two decades later.

In the video above, we explore the history of Xenogears, including some behind-the-scenes details and a look at what made it special. With a twist on the Active Time Battle system used in games like Chrono Trigger, it offered a distinct style of combat to go along with an excellent soundtrack.

The video also explores the controversial religious aspects of the game that posed a problem during localization. It also touches on the infamously incomplete nature of the game; rather than cut content entirely, the developers resorted to leaning on exposition-heavy cutscenes comprised of static images.

Despite this, Xenogears remains beloved by many. It never received a direct sequel at Square, and disagreements with the publisher led to director Tetsuya Takahashi leaving the company to found Monolith Soft. That company subsequently went on to establish the Xeno series, first developing the Xenosaga games before moving on to the Xenoblade Chronicles titles, the most recent entry of which, Chronicles 2, debuted late last year on Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter World’s Street Fighter 5 Event Begins Today For Some PS4 Players

Before the second part of Monster Hunter World‘s Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover event begins later this month, some PS4 players will have a chance to get a different set of crossover armor for their hunter. Beginning at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET today, February 15 (12 AM GMT on February 16), PS4 players who have save data for Street Fighter V on their consoles will be able to accept the first Street Fighter V Event Quest.

The quest is called Down the Dark, Muddy Path, and it’s a three-star mission that requires a Hunter Rank of 3 or higher. The objective of the quest is very straightforward: slay a Barroth. Complete the mission and you’ll be rewarded with items to craft the Ryu armor set, which will turn your hunter into the iconic Street Fighter character when equipped. You can take a look at the Ryu armor below.

No Caption ProvidedGallery image 1Gallery image 2

In addition to the Event Quest, Capcom will also offer Hadoken and Shoryuken gestures for your hunter, along with a Street Fighter V sticker set, as paid DLC. A second Street Fighter V Event Quest will follow later and gives players materials to craft the Sakura armor. You can read more about the Street Fighter V event on the official Monster Hunter World website.

While the first Street Fighter V crossover quest is only open to certain PS4 players at the moment, Capcom says it will also be available for everyone on PS4 as well as Xbox One at a later date. Likewise, players on both consoles will be able to get the retro Mega Man armor for their Palico in the future.

Monster Hunter World’s second Horizon event begins on February 28. Like the previous quest, it will be exclusive to PS4 players. The mission this time around will be to hunt a giant Anjanath, and the reward will be materials to craft Aloy’s bow and armor. Equipping the armor will change your appearance to look like Aloy, regardless of your hunter’s gender.

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Call of Duty Action Figure Line Announced

McFarlane Toys has teamed up with Activision to make action figures of popular Call of Duty characters.

The first wave will include John “Soap” MacTavish and Simon “Ghost” Riley from the Modern Warfare series, with “more characters spanning the franchise to be revealed at a later date.”

Simon "Ghost" Riley Simon “Ghost” Riley

Todd McFarlane, CEO of McFarlane Toys, said, “This franchise has delivered incredible experiences full of iconic and memorable characters, and we’re delighted to bring these characters to life as collectibles to fans.”

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Pokemon Go Year of the Dog Event Announced

The Pokemon Go Year of the Dog Lunar New Year event has been announced.

Revealed on the Pokemon website, the Year of the Dog event, which features dog-like Pokemon, starts now and runs until February 17.

During the event, Poochyena, Growlithe, Eevee, Snubble, and Electrike spawn rates will see a boost and catching any of the canine-shaped monsters will give players triple the usual stardust.

Unrelated to the Lunar New Year festivities, purchasable Team Rocket outfits have also just been added to the game.

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Uwe Boll Says Phantom Thread Ripped Off BloodRayne Poster

Director Uwe Boll has accused Phantom Thread, and its director Paul Thomas Anderson, of ripping off his BloodRayne poster.

Boll shared his frustrations on Twitter, saying Paul Thomas Anderson knowingly copied BloodRayne’s one-sheet after Boll criticized Phantom Thread on his online talk show. Check out an image of the two posters below.

The BloodRayne and Phantom Thread posters, via Boll’s Twitter account.

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Rocket League Tournaments Coming in Spring

Psyonix has announced tournaments will be coming to Rocket League this spring with a beta to begin this month.

The details were revealed on the Rocket League website which states the beta, designed to test the new UI and general functionality, will run from February 21 to 23 on Steam.

The beta will allow players to create their own tournaments as well as join in on competitions created by other users.

Players wanting to get involved in the beta will need to own a copy of Rocket League on Steam. They can right click on the game from their Steam library, select properties, go to the betas tab and select “Tournaments Betas” to update the game to the required version.

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Titans Live-Action Series Casts Doom Patrol’s Leader

WBTV’s upcoming Titans live-action series has cast The Doom Patrol’s leader.

Deadline reports Narcos star Bruno Bichir will play Dr. Niles Caulder (aka The Chief), a brilliant but controversial pioneer in medical science who helps those in need. The character made his debut in 1963’s My Greatest Adventure #80, and is most promptly known as the leader of the misfit heroes with powers, The Doom Patrol.

Bruno Bichir Bruno Bichir

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Pokemon Go Lunar New Year Event Going On Now For A Limited Time

Pokemon Go‘s Valentine’s Day event may soon be coming to an end, but a new one has now begun in the popular mobile game. Niantic has kicked off a Lunar New Year event in Pokemon Go, which will fittingly reward players with bonuses when they catch certain dog-like Pokemon.

To celebrate the start of the Year of the Dog, Pokemon Go players will earn triple the normal amount of Stardust when they capture Poochyena, Growlithe, Snubble, Eevee, or Electrike. All of the aforementioned Pokemon will also spawn more frequently for the duration of the event. However, like the Valentine’s Day celebration, the Lunar New Year event will only be around for a very brief period of time, running from February 15-17.

No Caption Provided

Pokemon Go players in Taiwan can participate in a separate Lunar New Year event. From February 26 to March 3, Niantic is hosting a Safari Zone event at the Chiayi Lantern Festival. Players will have a chance to encounter Dratini, Mr. Mime, Growlithe, and other Pokemon during the day, while Chinchou and Lanturn will spawn at night when the lanterns begin to glow. You can read more about the Safari Zone even on the Pokemon Go website.

Pokemon Go’s Valentine’s Day event was scheduled to conclude today, February 15; however, due to a server issue that prevented many players from logging in to the game, Niantic has extended the event by an additional 24 hours. That gives players another chance to encounter increased spawns of Luvdisc and Chansey and earn triple Stardust for each one they catch.

Niantic recently introduced another batch of Gen 3 Pokemon to Pokemon Go, which consisted primarily of Dragon- and Flying-types like Salamence and Altaria. A new Gen 3 Legendary, Rayquaza, is also now available in the game. The Sky High Pokemon will appear in Raid Battles at Gyms until March 16.

The second Pokemon Go Community Day is still slated to take place later this month, on February 24. Like January’s Community Day, which featured a Pikachu that could use Surf, players will have a chance to encounter a Pokemon that knows a special move during the event. Niantic hasn’t revealed what that move will be, but the Pokemon this time is the rare Dragon-type Dratini.

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NASA Is Sending One Very Old Rock Back to Mars

American space agency NASA is sending an ancient meteorite back to its home planet, and then blowing it up. The meteorite, not the planet.

A small piece of a larger meteorite that crashed to Earth millions of years ago is headed back to Mars, where it originated. It’s part of NASA’s 2020 Mars rover mission.

The part about it getting blown up? That’s completely true, but it’s not just to make an example for the other Mars rocks. It’s actually part of the calibration process for the rover’s hyper-sensitive laser measurement device, known as SHERLOC.

While the rock is quite rare here on Earth, with only 200 or so positively identified chunks of Mars having ever been found, it’s no big deal on Mars, because Mars is made of… Mars rocks.

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