It: Chapter Two First Cast Photo Revealed

The first cast photo for It: Chapter Two makes them look like a pretty happy bunch. The Loser’s Club is all grown up now, though who can say how long the glee will last when they’ve got a killer clown on the hunt for them.

The full cast gathered around the table shows Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh alongside costars Bill Hader as Richie Tozier, James Mcavoy as Bill Denbrough, Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom, James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak, Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon, and Andy Bean as Stanley Uris.

The photo was released by the official It movie Twitter account. Even though the movie isn’t coming out for more than a year, and people are already getting hyped about it with the release of the first cast photo.

The first It movie was based on the Stephen King novel, but this one will follow the cast all grown up, as Pennywise the sadistic clown returns to plague the group once again. It: Chapter Two is expected to be released September 6, 2019.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s New Update Adds Hero Starfighters; Full Patch Notes Released

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is getting several updates this year. EA unveiled a roadmap that details when players can start seeing content drops. The first update is free and out now. It launches a new Hero Starfighter mode and patches Hero gameplay, map layouts, and a few other quality-of-life improvements.

Hero Starfighters is a new multiplayer mode that pits two teams of four against one another. Every player spawns as one of the Hero ships for their side. When a player is killed, they can no longer pilot a Hero ship and have to spawn as a standard fighter, interceptor, or bomber. Standard ships have unlimited lives. Teams win the round when all opposing Hero ships are destroyed and the game goes to whichever team wins three out of five rounds. This new mode will also offer a swifter way for players to level up any of their Hero ships.

The rest of the Hero Starfighter update addresses content that’s played on the ground. Hero characters that use a lightsaber can now turn their weapon on and off at the press of a button, and blocking blaster bolts with a lightsaber will now consume stamina. Ewok Hunt is back with a few tweaks to gameplay. Jetpack Cargo is now available on the Great Temple Yavin 4 map. Extraction is once again available as an Operation, but only for the month of July.

Almost every existing hero, hero ship, game mode, and map is getting an update. The full patch notes can be viewed on the Star Wars Battlefront II forum, but here’s a list of the more notable updates:

  • Sullustan appearance has been added to the Resistance and Rebel version of the Assault class
  • Players can swap their appearances pre-round
  • Daily quest system now gives three quests per day instead of one, and the daily quests reward per quest has been reduced from 1000 to 500
  • On Strike, Objective Delivery Zones are now visually represented in the world
  • On Hero Showdown, there are new HUD elements that show the health of team members

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The Purge TV Show’s First Trailer Gets Released, Watch It Here

A TV version of the hit horror franchise The Purge has been in the works for a while now and USA/Syfy just released the first trailer for it. The plot of The Purge centers around the premise that there is an annual event in America called the purge night where people are allowed to indulge their worst instincts, let it all out, and then go back to their everyday lives. The government legalizes all forms of crime, including murder, and as a result, the crime rates around the country decrease dramatically for the rest of the year. People even consider it a kind of celebration, feeling morally obligated to participate because of the “benefits” it has on society.

There have been several installments of this franchise already. A new movie called The First Purge is coming out July 4 that explains the origins of the purge night, which has left some fans wondering what subject matter the TV show means to take on.

The trailer offers some of the same kind of content from the Purge movies; people celebrating the purge for its benefits spliced together with images of bleeding people and killer-groups in creepy masks going after the weak and innocent. But the trailer also seems to be highlighting issues of power and income inequality around the purge night. There are several shots of affluent people looking perfectly safe and patting themselves on the back for the “good” the purge has done, which makes the sinister imagery that follows seem exploitative and cruel.

All we know about the plot of the series is that it will follow a few different characters during the purge as they try their best to make it through the night while discovering how far they’re willing to go to survive. James DeMonaco, the creator of the franchise, is writing and executive producing the show, and some of the other members of the original team will be producing, including Michael Bay. The show looks to be titled simply, The Purge. It will be 10 episodes long and is set to premiere September 4.

Nintendo Talks Legacy Content For Switch, New amiibo, Next 3DS, Labo Laser Tag, & More! – NVC Ep 414

Weeelcooome to episode 414 of our weekly Nintendo show and podcast, Nintendo Voice Chat. This week, the NVC crew shares their thoughts on Nintendo’s latest comments regarding how users will be able to access legacy content on Switch, a possible successor to the Nintendo 3DS, Gearbox Software’s new Switch game, Nintendo Labo laser tag, and much more!

As always, you can watch NVC here on IGN and on our YouTube channel (subscribe and hit that bell! It gives fairies wings!) or listen to it on your commute in audio format. If you enjoy the show, share it with other Nintendo fans, leave us a comment, and give us a thumbs up or leave us a review! If you prefer audio over video, please subscribe to NVC on iTunes or your podcast service of choice. You can also download and listen to the latest episode of NVC Right Here.

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Complete Guide to Destiny 2 Forsaken Preorder Bonuses and Collector’s Editions

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Destiny 2’s Year 2 kicks off September 4 with the Forsaken expansion (See it on Amazon), with new locations, enemies, super abilities, weapons and gear. One of the new areas, The Dreaming City, is also getting a new raid, one Bungie promises to be dynamic, changing over time.

There’s a big caveat if you want to start in on Destiny 2’s Year 2 content on September 4. The Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC requires you own the previous expansions, The Curse of Osiris and Warmind. If you don’t already have them, you can download the Destiny 2 expansions through Microsoft, PlayStation Store, or

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Gundam Live-Action Movie Announced

A live-action Gundam movie is in the works.

Per Anime News Network, Sunrise President & CEO Yasuo Miyakawa announced the film during Sunrise’s panel at Anime Expo. The project is a collaboration between Legendary Pictures and Sunrise, and co-production on the film has already started.

Not much else about the movie, including a release date, is currently known. This will be the first ever live-action take on the franchise.

The original Gundam series is set in the Universal Century when humanity is forced to emigrate to space colonies due to humanity’s growing population. The colonies eventually launch a war against Earth to gain independence, with mobile suits being used during battle.

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EA Motive’s Montreal Studio Working on Second Unannounced Game

EA Motive’s Montreal studio has an unannounced project in the works.

Speaking to GameInformer, studio head Jade Raymond revealed, along with working on an unannounced open-world action-adventure title, the Montreal studio also has a brand new game in active development.

The project, which does not have a title or release window, was pitched by three developers.

“They were super passionate, saying ‘let us prototype it, let us do it,’ and we managed to give them some space to get it done because it was exciting,” Raymond said.

The game has since evolved into a full project, with more and more people joining the development team.

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Why the Man in Black’s Story is Westworld’s Greatest Tragedy

This opinion piece contains spoilers for Westworld Season 2.

The biggest surprise in Westworld Season 1 was probably the revelation that idealistic William and the brutal Man in Black were the same person, whose seemingly concurrent storylines were actually taking place decades apart. To keep the secret of this twist, Westworld didn’t do much to interrogate the older William’s character in its first season, leaving viewers to wonder not only how the young man Delores loved could become such a monster, but also what the Man in Black’s ultimate endgame might be.

Season 2 attempted to correct that problem, offering flashbacks dedicated to William’s life between his first entry into Westworld and the present day. Spread across three separate time periods, they shed some light on William’s (d)evolution into the Man in Black.

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Could Sea Of Thieves Add Battle Royale Mode? Dev Weighs In

Sea of Thieves developer Rare has pledged to support the swashbuckling adventure game for a long time to come, but could one a battle royale mode be part of that? Design director Mike Chapman and studio head Craig Duncan addressed that in a new interview with Game Informer. Chapman started off by saying Rare–like pretty much all other developers on the planet–are aware of the battle royale phenomenon. And while there may be “opportunities” to do a battle royale-style mode within Sea of Thieves, Rare would want to put its own “unique Sea of Thieves” spin on it.

“We see the battle royale thing, but I think there will be opportunities to do that kind of thing differently,” he said. “It’s interesting where you can take PvP in the game, but we’d want to put a unique Sea of Thieves spin on it and do something completely surprising.”

No Caption Provided

For his part, Duncan said Rare doesn’t want to simply copy what other games have done. “It’s not about taking something that works super well in another game, and going, ‘Hey, let’s start everyone in a Sea of Thieves map from different points and have you all come together.'”

Also in the interview, Chapman acknowledged that one of the biggest pieces of feedback about Sea of Thieves is that players enjoy what’s there but they want more. He said he’s excited to deliver more content to players through the Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores expansions coming this year. They add new ships, items, and new ways to explore the world.

Chapman said Rare’s overall guiding principle when it comes to new Sea of Thieves content is, “We want to keep doing these kinds of unexpected things that only we can do.”

For lots more on Sea of Thieves, check out GameSpot’s own interview with Chapman and other Rare developers. Among other things, they speak about the feedback they’ve received from fans, and just how far the game has come since release. Here’s the full interview.

Given the battle royale genre’s massive popularity today, it would be no surprise to see Rare attempt something in an effort to draw more players in. It’s good to hear the studio would do it with its own spin, but it remains to be seen what that looks like and if it will ever happen. Big-name games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V will have battle royale modes, too.