Are Loot Boxes Really That Bad? | Versus

Loot boxes are a hugely controversial element of modern video games, dividing opinion between those who like the fun of opening a random drop of skins, items, or new weapons, and those who hate not knowing what they’re getting. Of course, they often come hand-in-hand with microtransactions, too, which divide opinion in a similar way.

We decided to sit down and have a lighthearted but passionate debate about whether loot boxes are the devil’s tool or if they’re a welcome addition to video games in the modern age. Fighting for loot crates and alpha packs is Will Potter, who has spent far too much money on Overwatch loot boxes since the game’s 2016 launch. Fighting against them is Oscar Dayus, who hates loot boxes in everything except FIFA Ultimate Team, because he’s a hypocrite.

Watch the video above to see how the debate turned out. The discussion begins with the pair talking about the pros and cons of loot boxes in general, before they go on to talk about two shining (or egregious) examples of the random containers. Alongside the serious analysis from each side, there’s also some friendly fun-making and jokes at each other’s expense. Be sure to watch till the end to see the quickfire round, which gets a little goofy.

Last week we put two legendary shooter series against one another: Doom vs Wolfenstein. In that episode, Jean-Luc’s Doom argument defeated Kallie’s case for Wolfenstein. Make sure to get your voice heard this week by voting for who you think won the debate on YouTube or by commenting down below. Check back next week for another episode of Versus; new episodes drop every Wednesday at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST / 11 PM AET on and YouTube.

The Venture Bros. Explained: What You Need to Know Before Season 7

The good news for Venture Bros. fans is that Season 7 is finally premiering on August 5. The bad news is that it’s been well over two years since Season 6 aired. We don’t blame anyone who might have trouble remembering what happened last time around, especially given how complicated the show’s mythology has become over the years.

To help prepare for the new season, we’ve put together a guide breaking down all the major characters and storylines in play for Season 7. Whether you’re new to The Venture Bros. or just need a refresher, here’s everything that’s happened in this crazy universe up to this point.

The Basics

The Venture Bros. started out as a fairly straightforward parody of the Jonny Quest franchise. The series largely revolves around the Venture family – cranky, self-loathing Dr. Rusty Venture and his two adventure-craving sons, Hank and Dean – and their intrepid bodyguard Brock Samson. The first season of the series featured these four embarking on one globe-trotting adventure after another, usually with the evil Monarch and his henchmen trying their best to ruin the day.

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Marvel’s Star Wars Comic Takes a Dark Turn

Perhaps the single biggest question Marvel’s flagship Star Wars comic has to answer is this – how did the Rebel Alliance find itself in the state it’s in at the beginning of The Empire Strikes back? How did they go from being victorious destroyers of the Empire’s massive super-weapon to ragtag freedom fighters on life support in the span of three years? The series makes some major in-roads on that front as it reaches its 50th issues. Star Wars #50 is a reminder that there’s still plenty of room for drama and surprises in a story where we already know the beginning and the end.


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The American Dream VR Gets Insane 4th of July Update

Samurai Punk has released a free update for The American Dream in honor of the US Independence Day holiday. The update, according to a press release from the developer, will let players “to show their pride while they play on this historic day and enjoy all things American like guns, flags, eagles and more guns.” The announcement came alongside a trailer for the update, which is completely bonkers, that can be seen below.

The American Dream officially launched in Spring of 2018, releasing digitally for Oculus Touch, HTC Vive and PSVR on March 14th, and released physical editions in Europe on April 6th. According to one of the developers, in a darkly ironic twist, physical copies never released in the United States because the US distributor partnered with Perpetual Games “pulled out last minute as they got gunshy about the game due to the mass shootings.” No word on whether or not we’ll see physical copies in the future, though it’s unlikely unless they find another distributor.

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Jackie Chan’s Most Insane Movie Stunts Ranked

With Mission Impossible: Fallout hitting theaters later this month, there has been much focus on the next batch of crazy stunts that Tom Cruise will be performing. But as impressive as Cruise’s willingness to put himself in danger is, he’s hardly the first major star happy to risk his life on a film set for the sake of our entertainment.

Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan might have initially emerged in the 1970s as just another martial arts actor, but his incredible physical ability, comedic skills, and emerging talent as a director saw him quickly ascend to something far more than just another Bruce Lee clone. For more than a decade in the ’80s and ’90s, Chan delivered a run of incredible action classics, in which he performed some of the wildest stunts ever filmed.

This was an era before CGI and green screen, and with his legendary stunt team on hand to assist, Chan continued to push his body is a series of an increasingly dangerous ways. Broken bones and hospital visits during production became a commonplace occurrence. Chan often replayed the stunt scenes within his movies, usually in slow motion, to leave the audience in no doubt as to who was performing them.

These days, the 64-year-old has, of course, slowed down, but his legacy as one of cinema’s greatest action stars is assured. So with his latest movie, the sci-fi thriller Bleeding Steel, in theaters this weekend, we take a look at Jackie Chan’s greatest stunts.

Cooler Master CK552 Gaming Keyboard Review

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Cooler Master’s new CK550 line of mechanical gaming keyboards deliver ample bang for your gaming buck. I am reviewing the retail-only CK552 model (See it at Best Buy), which features Gateron Red switches, full RGB per-key lighting, and a brushed aluminum chassis. It also supplies convenient on-the-fly controls for lighting and macros in addition to a well-designed, easy-to-use software app that lets you customize your lighting, set macros, map keys, and create profiles. Good luck finding all of this in another keyboard that costs less than $100. At $79.99, the Cooler Master CK552 is a steal.

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