Black Panther’s Post-Credits Scenes, Explained (Spoilers)

Spoilers for Black Panther below!

Continuing Marvel’s ten year tradition of post-credits stingers and teases for upcoming movies, Black Panther included two end credits scenes.

With the movie out in the UK and hitting worldwide this week, it’s time to talk about them.

This is your last warning: If you haven’t seen Black Panther yet, stop reading now!


Civic Duty

The first is what you might have expected, given the end of the movie itself. T’Challa presents Wakanda’s anti-isolationist shift to a United Nations-style government body, announcing that his nation will now be open to sharing their resources with the world. Of course, remembering that as far as the rest of the world is concerned in the MCU, Wakanda is a third world, underdeveloped country, he’s met with some confusion–all while his new friend CIA Agent Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) smiles knowingly from the back of the crowd.

The stinger doesn’t overstay its welcome. T’Challa isn’t actually shown dropping the proverbial Vibranium bombshell on the poor unsuspecting world leaders, but the implication is enough. The landscape of the MCU, both politically and technologically, is about to change in a major way. This is a deceptively important detail, especially given the MCU’s upcoming movie slate.

With Wakandan tech made more accessible, the landscape for both superheroes and civilians is about to take a major leap forward–and it’s a safe bet that not every change will be positive, especially with the possibility of villains appropriating new tech too.

The real question is when–rather than if–we’ll start seeing the impact of publicized Vibranium and Wakandan tech. After all, we can venture a guess that Wakandan weapons stand a better chance against Thanos than standard military faire–but will they be ready in time for Infinity War?

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The White Wolf

Black Panther‘s second post-credits scene is a bit more direct with its Infinity War connections. We see, first in first-person perspective, someone waking up in an isolated Wakandan village, surrounded by curious Wakandan children. That someone is revealed to be none other than Bucky Barnes, last seen being put back into cryostasis in–surprise–Wakanda, during one of Captain America: Civil War‘s post-credits scenes.

The Civil War stinger didn’t offer much context for Bucky’s decision to be returned to stasis, outside of his own fear that he may be “activated” and manipulated by his Hydra-implanted trigger word programming all over again. But thankfully, between the end of Civil War and the end of Black Panther, Shuri, T’Challa’s 16-year-old engineering genius sister, has been hard at work trying to solve Bucky’s unique psychological problem.

We get a wink to Shuri’s involvement during the movie itself when she offhandedly comments about being given “another broken white boy to fix” and an extrapolated look in Infinity War: Prelude #1, part one of a two part prequel comic released in January–not to mention the fact that Bucky was shown standing with the Wakandan army in the Infinity War trailer–so none of this is really all that surprising.

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To many, watching trailers is a highlight of the movie-going experience. So to help it be even easier to rewatch your favorite movie trailers — or catch some you might have missed — here is a full round up of every new trailer, teaser or TV spot released in 2018 for your viewing pleasure.

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Solo: Iron Man Director’s Alien Character Revealed

Jon Favreau’s role in Solo: A Star Wars Story has been revealed.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the Iron Man director will voice the new alien creature seen in first official Solo trailer. Favreau confirmed the identity of his role by posting an image of the alien from the aforementioned trailer on Twitter.

DWKnE5zU8AIzwTH Favreau’s character in Solo: A Star Wars Story, via Twitter

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Pokemon Go’s Next Community Day Further Detailed, Exclusive Move Revealed

Pokemon Go’s second Community Day is quickly approaching, and like the inaugural event held last month, it’ll give players a brief chance to capture a rare Pokemon with an exclusive move. Developer Niantic had previously revealed that the Pokemon in question this time will be Dratini, and now the studio has shared details about what its exclusive move will be and how players can learn it.

The rare Dragon Pokemon will spawn much more frequently for the duration of the Community Day. If players manage to evolve its evolution, Dragonair, into a Dragonite during the event, it’ll learn the ultra-powerful Dragon-type move Draco Meteor. This applies to all Dragonair you own, even ones that were obtained prior to the Community Day. However, Dragonite will only learn Draco Meteor if it is evolved during the event hours, giving you a very brief window of time to get one with the exclusive attack.

No Caption Provided

The Community Day takes place worldwide on February 24 and runs for three hours, although the starting times will differ depending on your region. The event kicks off in the US at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET, while Europe’s Community Day begins at 10 AM GMT. In addition to the increased Dratini spawns, players will earn triple the normal amount of Stardust for any Pokemon they catch during the event, and Lure Modules will last for three hours.

Community Days are a new series of events that Niantic plans to hold once a month for Pokemon Go. Each event will feature a Pokemon that knows a move it cannot typically learn in the game. During the first Pokemon Go Community Day in January, players could find and catch a Pikachu that could use Surf, just like the one you get in the classic Pokemon Yellow version.

Before the next Community Day event begins, Pokemon Go players still have a chance to take part in the game’s Lunar New Year event. From now until February 17, you’ll earn triple Stardust for catching certain dog-like Pokemon such as Poochyena, Growlithe, Snubble, Eevee, or Electrike. Players can also encounter the latest Legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza, in Raid Battles until March 16.

This story has been updated.

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The Final Infinity Stone Might Be Hiding In Black Panther After All

Spoilers for Black Panther below!

The countdown to Thanos’s arrival in the MCU with Avengers: Infinity War has officially started thanks to today’s release of Black Panther, the final solo lead-up film before Infinity War. The landscape of the shared cinematic universe now includes the astronomically cool and hyper advanced Wakanda, and not a moment too soon, with the armies of Thanos’s Black Order quite literally knocking at Earth’s gates.

There’s just one problem: we’re still, officially, down one Infinity Stone. For all Black Panther gave us, the location of the Soul Stone wasn’t a box that got checked off–unless, of course, it was. There’s a chance that the Soul Stone was actually hiding in plain sight for the duration of Black Panther–did you catch it?

If not, don’t worry. The MCU has been playing fast and loose with not only the colors of the Gems, but the forms they take onscreen too, for the six years they’ve been in play. After all, the Space Stone isn’t a stone at all, but a glowing blue box called the Tesseract. The Reality Stone is glittering red dust called the Aether. The Mind Stone was blue for the better part of two movies before it was cracked open, turned yellow, and put in Vision’s forehead. You get the idea–these things are tricky, and Marvel hasn’t been making it easy to pin them down.

Bearing that in mind, there’s a decent chance that the Soul Stone is actually somehow connected back to Wakanda’s mysterious and powerful “heart-shaped herb.”

The herb, if you remember, is the source of the Black Panther’s power both in the film and in the comics, but its movie incarnation had the distinction of being neon purple and glowing on top of being mystically and spiritually empowering. Of course, the purple color might have been more of a distraction than a flag. Currently, the MCU’s Power Stone is sitting pretty in purple on the color spectrum. However, like the Mind Stone, the actual color of the herb itself may have nothing to do with the Soul Stone’s ultimate orange destiny.

Simply being neon and glowing does not an Infinity Stone make, but the rules established in the MCU over the last six years certainly throw a flag on that play. Wakanda has some strange properties, just inherently, thanks to its abundance of vibranium and its technological advancement, so there’s always the chance that the heart-shaped herd really is just a naturally occuring phenomena born of any combination of those two things.

No Caption Provided

It does have some strange characteristics, though. For example: Vibranium is a powerful metal, yes, but since when does it have anything resembling the mystical properties exhibited by the heart-shaped herb? And if the heart-shaped herb really is just the product of vibranium in the soil and the right atmospheric conditions, why would it only grow in one tiny cave? We know that the heart-shaped herb is a limited commodity–and one that’s presumably now extinct, thanks to events in Black Panther–but what about that specific plot of land made it so special and so powerful?

One possible explanation is that the heart-shape herb garden is, in fact, centered around or constructed on top of whatever vessel is containing the Soul Stone. That would explain the power-imbuing properties of the herb, as well as its ability to send those that consume it on rather on-the-nose soul-searching journeys that may or may not involve actually, genuinely contacting the dead.

That last part is important. In the comics canon, the Soul Stone’s (rather esoteric) powers include being able to send people’s souls into an idyllic alternate dimension, an offshoot of its endless desire to collect and consume souls. It really didn’t get its name for nothing. Another of its abilities is the “cold light of truth,” which enables it to reveal the deepest, most hidden parts of a person–another very pointed part of the transformative Black Panther dream state.

Obviously, for a human to be consuming parts of, or organisms created by, an Infinity Stone, it had to be diluted down in some way–we’ve seen what the Stones can do when they come into contact with people. It’s generally pretty gruesome. But another one of the Soul Stone’s properties is the fact that it’s actually sentient, and has a conscious will to collect souls. So really, it’s far from a stretch to believe that, if the Soul Stone really did wind up on Earth, it could have (consciously or otherwise) begun crafting ways for human beings to interact with it safely as part of its ultimate soul harvesting goal.

PS4 Flash Sale Happening Now On PSN In The US

As it so often does, Sony has kicked off another impromptu flash sale on the PlayStation Store. In addition to this week’s regular selection of PSN deals, players can now find a big assortment of new discounts on PS4, PS3, and Vita games for the next couple of days.

As usual, the biggest selection of deals is for PS4, and it includes some steep discounts on a number of deluxe and complete editions. Players can get Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition for $30, Overwatch Game of the Year Edition for $30, Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition for $10, Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition for $10, Battlefield 4 Premium Edition for $15, Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition for $32, and Minecraft: Story Mode Bundle for $14.

In addition to that, the standard version of Final Fantasy XV is $20, Uncharted 4 is $20, Rocket League is $12, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is $9.89, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is $5, Amnesia Collection is $12, Infamous: Second Son is $8, Darksiders: Fury’s Collection – War and Death is $16, Tearaway Unfolded is $8, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is $5, The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition is $12, Matterfall is $8, The Technomancer is $10, Never Alone is $3, and Unravel is $5.

On PS3, Red Dead Redemption is $9.89, Battlefield 4 Premium Edition is $15, Dragon Age: Origins is $5, Dragon Age II is $5, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is $6.59, Grand Theft Auto IV is $7, Mass Effect Trilogy is $9.89, Mirror’s Edge is $3.74, Watch Dogs is $8, Dead Space 3 Ultimate Edition is $7.49, R-Type Dimensions is $4, Alice: Madness Returns is $5, and Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection is $5.39. Vita owners, meanwhile, can pick up Tearaway for $5, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty for $5, and Skullgirls: 2nd Encore for $10.

The flash sale ends at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on February 19, giving you only a couple of days to take advantage of these discounts. You can find the full list of deals available right now on the PlayStation Store. In addition to the flash sale, publisher 2K Games is also holding a sale on some of its own titles, which runs until February 20. That encompasses discounts on XCOM 2, NBA 2K18, BioShock: The Collection, Mafia III, and more titles.

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Street Fighter X Monster Hunter Fridays

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New Destiny 2 Weapons Revealed For Next Faction Rally, See Them Here

Bungie is preparing to launch the next Season 2 instance of Faction Rally in Destiny 2, and it’s right around the corner. Along with an opportunity to earn the armor and other items offered during previous Faction Rallies, this one will also introduce a number of new weapons to obtain.

In its latest blog post, Bungie showcased the weapons coming soon. Some of these are brand-new additions to the pool of possible rewards for taking part in the event. Others you may recognize from January’s Faction Rally–the exclusive auto rifles that would only be available if their corresponding Faction won the event will now be obtainable as standard Faction Rally rewards. This will mark the first time that two of these (those belonging to Future War Cult and Dead Orbit) will be available to players; New Monarchy won last month’s event, so only its Winner’s Offering weapon went up for sale.

This Faction Rally will operate similarly: members of the three Factions will all compete to acquire the most rewards packages during the week-long event. A new weapon belonging to that faction will then be sold to all players for 50,000 Glimmer, though members of the faction will get it for just 1,000. Both Dead Orbit and New Monarchy will offer a pulse rifle, while Future War Cult will have a scout rifle. You can see all of these, along with the other new reward weapons and the returning armor, in the gallery below.

No Caption ProvidedGallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7

Destiny 2’s next Faction Rally begins with the weekly reset on February 20. It will run for one week, as always, and be followed by Victory Week, during which time you can cash in any remaining Faction Tokens and buy the Winner’s Offering. You may want to save your Tokens, however, as not all of the new Season 2 Faction Rally items will have been introduced–more are still to come in the subsequent event. Following some confusion about how new items would be rolled out, Bungie clarified last month that not all Faction Rally weapons would be available right away.

This will be the first Faction Rally to take place since the most recent update, which made tweaks to how Lost Sectors work. You can now rapidly farm them, letting you open a new chest each time you kill a boss without the throttling that was previously happening. This update launched as part of the ongoing Crimson Days event, which itself offers exclusive new Crimson Days rewards. Alongside all of this, Bungie has also previewed some of the changes coming to Destiny 2’s Exotic weapons and armor.

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Black Panther Tops Captain America: Civil War And Deadpool At Box Office

Black Panther, the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has officially been released and already it’s making a massive impact. The first box office numbers for the movie are starting to roll in and it seems like they might be higher than originally expected.

According to Variety, the film earned $25.2 million from Thursday night screenings, just edging out the $25 million Captain America: Civil War took in during its opening night in 2016. It’s the second-highest opening for a movie in the MCU, only falling short of the $27.6 million haul that 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron wound up with.

All told, Variety reports that Black Panther could end up making $170 million in its opening weekend alone, which would put it in the top five films of the franchise, just behind Iron Man 3‘s $174 million. It’s worth noting that it would also be the highest opening for a Marvel superhero’s first standalone movie.

While the Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) was part of Captain America: Civil War, this is his first solo film. The other recent first-time standalone movie in the MCU is Spider-Man: Homecoming, which earned $117 million in its first weekend.

Looking outside of the MCU, Black Panther nearly doubled Deadpool‘s opening night ($12.7 million) and slightly trails the $27.7 million bow for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice–the highest opening for a film in the DC Extended Universe. No matter how you look at it, Black Panther is going to reign supreme at the box office this weekend–and likely for the next couple of weeks.

After that, fans luckily won’t have to wait long before the next MCU adventure. Avengers: Infinity War arrives in theaters on May 4.

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