Call of Duty: WW2 – United Front DLC Review

All in all, Call of Duty: WW2’s United Front DLC feels experimental and exciting in some ways, while safer and dull in others. The changes to the Zombies mode dramatically shake up the formula and make it a high point worth visiting, but otherwise, the mostly underwhelming new maps aren’t breaking any new ground.

When I first played Call of Duty: WW2 at release, it felt like a bizarre omission to not visit Stalingrad as a multiplayer destination. Over the years I feel like I’ve fought battles on that field countless times, because as the largest conflict to take place in all of WW2, it’s always been a staple for shooters based on the war. United Front finally brings it back, and it’s the best of the three new maps.

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Amazon’s A Very English Scandal Review

This is the full series review for all three episodes of A Very English Scandal, which premieres on Amazon’s Instant Video platform Friday, June 29th.

The series aired already in the U.K. on BBC One.

Using a delightfully bustling pace, and featuring a magnificently sociopathic Hugh Grant, Amazon’s new miniseries, A Very English Scandal, playfully recounts the Jeremy Thorpe sex and attempted murder scandal from early 1970s England – with Grant as Thorpe and Ben Whishaw as Thorpe’s scorned and unstable once-upon-a-time lover, Norman Scott.

Written by Russell T Davies (Doctor Who, Queer as Folk), adapted from John Preston’s book, and directed by Stephen Frears (High Fidelity, The Queen), A Very English Scandal adopts a jolly, fun “truth is stranger than fiction” approach to the proceedings, giving the entire tale a calm comedic sheen that borders, at times, on cracking apart the fourth wall. It’s a devilishly enjoyable tone that’s reminiscent of Steven Soderbergh’s “The Informant!” – or even the Coens’ Fargo, which adopted a similar tone despite presenting a fake “true story.”

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Star Wars Battlefront II DLC Roadmap Released

After teasing Star Wars Battlefront II Clone Wars DLC at the EA Play 2018 press conference, EA has released a more expansive roadmap of Battlefront II’s future through the end of the year.

Much of the future updates include Clone Wars content teased during E3.

Starting in July, Star Wars Battlefront II will feature a new Hero Starfighters mode that pits two team of four players against one another in the cockpits of famous Star Wars ships, like the Millennium Falcon or Poe Dameron’s T70 X-wing.

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Overwatch’s New Hero Is a Ton of Fun but Extremely Weird

When Overwatch’s 28th hero was revealed to be a hamster in a spherical, robotic killing machine, some people genuinely thought it was a joke. But this fuzzy-faced friend is very real, and after spending some time trying him out on the PTR, may stand as one of my favorite Overwatch heroes to date.

His ability to roll around the map and then shoot out a grappling hook to start swinging through the air feels completely unique within Overwatch’s roster. It’s wildly different from the Pharah’s flying, D.Va’s jets, and even Widowmaker’s own hook despite the visual similarities. Frankly, it’s hard to think of any FPS character that feels quite like the adorable Hammond the hamster.

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8 Things We Want From Legion Season 3

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Jim Carrey Will Play Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog Live-Action Movie

Jim Carrey is set to go up against Sonic the Hedgehog in Paramount’s upcoming live-action/CGI hybrid movie.

Deadline reports Carrey is currently in talks to star as the villainous Dr. Robotnik in what is presumably a live-action role. The story will follow Sonic trying to stop Robotnik from taking over the world.

The rest of the film’s cast so far includes James Marsden (Westworld) and Tika Sumpter. Jeff Fowler will direct the movie from a screenplay by Pat Casey & Josh Miller. Neal Moritz, Mie Onishi, and Tim Miller are producing.

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