Fortnite 16.40 Patch Notes Prepare For A Fishy Wild Week

Another Fortnite update is upon us, and this time, the 16.40 patch notes hint at what’s to come for the next Wild Week theme, while also swapping one Exotic weapon for another. Here’s everything in tomorrow’s update according to the Fortnite 16.40 patch notes.

Downtime for the Fortnite patch 16.40 will begin on May 11 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET, with the game coming back online some hours later, typically early morning Eastern time so long as Epic doesn’t run into any complications.

Once the game is back online, players can expect to find a new Exotic weapon on the island: the Marksman Six Shooter. It’s unclear which NPC will be selling this new exclusive weapon, though Deadfire seems to be a good match. As one new Exotic arrives, another departs. The sawed-off shotty, The Dub, will leave the game with this update, so use it today if you want to say goodbye for now.

Epic is also teasing new “summer-themed” items in Creative mode, but even the game’s thriving datamining community is stumped as to what that may entail. With another Wild Week set to kick off on Thursday, May 13, players can expect a boost to fishing. Both the patch notes and the Week 9 challenges hint toward that being the emphasis.

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You can find the full Fortnite 16.40 patch notes here:

  • Line ‘em up and knock ‘em down with the Exotic Marksman Six Shooter
  • Woman surfing New summer-themed additions in Creative
  • Tropical fish Catch a win in the next Wild Week starting May 13
  • Exotic weapon The Dub to be vaulted

Once the update is live, we’ll be sure to have a guide on where to find the Marksman Six Shooter. Until then, acquaint yourself with the new Fortnite Wild Weeks. This week’s theme of fire is still ongoing until Thursday, so jump in soon to find a surplus of fire-based weapons and open flames that travel farther and faster–and do more damage along the way.

Also coming to Fortnite this week is the latest DC superhero, Beast Boy.

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