Checking Out New Game Plus In Shadow Of the Colossus Remake

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Deadpool 2 Trailer: Breakdown And Easter Eggs

Surprisingly, a trailer for the Deadpool sequel dropped recently. The upcoming film will be coming to theaters this spring, and fans of the comic book character will finally get to see his counterpart, Cable, on the big screen for the first time. Much like the first movie, Deadpool 2–which is not the official title–will continue its over-the-top and silly sense of humor, which was apparent when we saw the teaser and the recent movie poster.

The sequel stars Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and introduces Josh Brolin as Cable. In addition, it adds Zazie Beetz as Domino and features Morena Baccarin, TJ Miller, and Brianna Hildebrand reprising their roles from the first movie.

Deadpool 2 will come to theater on May 18. It was originally going to release in June but Fox changed the date and then pushed the upcoming horror X-Men film The New Mutants to 2019. The new trailer for Deadpool 2 is a bit crazy, but here’s everything we learned about Deadpool 2.

Batman #40 Review

With Batman #40 capping off the second half of “Superfriends,” it’s clear that this series won’t be able to do for the Batman/Wonder Woman relationship what it did for Batman and Superman late last year. This issue has gorgeous imagery to spare, and some strong ideas to boot, but it’s not able to combine those elements into an effective whole.

This issue may well have been doomed from the start given how Batman #39 played out. Issue #39 made some exceptionally poor choices regarding Diana’s characterization, painting her as a sexual temptress threatening to drive a wedge in Batman and Catwoman’s relationship. This issue walks back on that portrayal to some extent, as you might expect, but at some point it’s too late to matter. Writer Tom King clearly wanted readers to react a certain way to Batman #39’s cliffhanger, regardless of how that cliffhanger plays out now. We can only hope that lessons will be learned from the mistakes of this arc and that Diana’s characterization will benefit when King inevitably writes her again.

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Spider-Man Spin-off Venom Gets First Poster, Trailer Due Tomorrow

The first poster for the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off Venom has been released. The movie stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a man who is taken over by the titular alien symbiote, and it’s set to hit theaters in October.

The poster was tweeted by the official Venom account, which also hinted that the first teaser for the movie will arrive tomorrow, February 8. The poster places the distinctive shape of Venom’s eyes against a black background–check it out below:

No Caption Provided

Production on Venom only wrapped last week, and Hardy marked the end of shooting with this Instagram post. The movie releases on October 5, 2018, and also stars Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, and Woody Harrelson. Zombieland‘s Ruben Fleischer is directing.

Although Sony made a deal with Disney in 2015 to allow Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the former studio still retains the overall movie rights to characters from the comics. In terms of other Spidey spin-offs, Venom will be followed by Silver & Black. That movie will focus on Silver Sable and the Black Cat and is currently set for a February 8, 2019 release.

In related news, Sony recently released a trailer for a new animated Spider-Man movie titled Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse. This one focuses on Miles Morales, who started life in the Ultimate Universe but has since crossed over into various other Marvel comic realities.

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The 9 Best Deck-Building Board Games

Board games have been around for thousands of years. So when a designer comes up with a genuinely new idea for a game mechanic, the hype train takes off like a rocket. Such was the case for deck building in 2008.

Like many fresh ideas, the concept of a deck building game is startling in its simplicity. Card games where you build a custom deck before you play have been around a while. In a deck building game, though, you build the deck while you play. Starting with a hand of currency cards, you cash them in for other, more interesting cards, and make a deck on-the-fly you think is good enough to win.

It wasn’t just gamers who got bowled over by the brilliance of the concept: it was designers too. Gaming was soon awash in copycat games, many of limited interest. Since then, the mechanic has seen redeployment into other genres of game with mixed results. But there are loads of awesome examples, too. These are the best deck-building board games:

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Black Panther Breaks Another Record on Fandango

Black Panther continues to break pre-sale ticket records on Fandango.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals the MCU film is quickly becoming the fastest pre-selling first-quarter movie ever on Fandango. It’s outpacing previous record holders Beauty and the Beast and the first The Hunger Games movie.

We previously heard that Black Panther was both Fandango and Alamo Drafthouse’s fastest pre-selling superhero movie, outpacing 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s also now also now the top pre-selling MCU film in the first 24 hours of advance ticket sales.

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Kim Possible Live-Action Movie in Development

A Kim Possible live-action movie is in development at Disney Channel.

Variety reports casting has started on the film, with the story following the titular high school hero who continually tries to save the world with her trusty sidekicks Ron Stoppable, his mole-rat Rufus, and computer genius Wade. A release date for the project has not been set.

The show’s creators Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley wrote the script with Josh Cagan. Adam B. Stein and Zach Lipovsky are co-directing and co-producing the film, which is yet to have an official title. McCorkle, Schooley, and Zanne Devine are executive producing.

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Venom Official Poster Only Has Eyes for the Symbiote

Sony’s new poster for its upcoming Venom movie is minimalist and a perfect tease for the October release.

Sony’s also teasing something else, posting “Tomorrow. #Venom” on social media. It’s hard not to want to speculate about exactly what it is, but there’s a lot to tease out between now and the October 5 release.

The all-black poster is punctuated by Venom’s eyes, perhaps the most defining characteristic of the symbiote other than a prehensile tongue and rows of fangs. But in spite of its minimalism, it could stand on its own without even naming the film as a poster for Venom.

Here’s a high-resolution copy of the poster for you to check out:


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9 Epic Black Panther Cosplay Photos

The Black Panther movie is just over a week away, and some incredibly cool cosplay has come out of the overwhelming excitement for this movie.

One cosplayer in particular – Andrien Gbinigie, from Montreal – caught our eye for the epic quality of his photos, which is doubly impressive because this is his first ever cosplay. Click right to see all the shots:

The photographer featured is E Vic Rosa, otherwise known as lucidvphotography.

Andrien told IGN, “My favourite thing about being a cosplayer has to be fully embodying the character I’m portraying. In my case, as this was my first costume, it felt fantastic seeing comments and reactions from people who said I did a good job looking like the Black Panther. It made all that working out 4 times a week worth it.”

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